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We are passionate about sourcing products that are organic, natural and good for you. Find natural health products, super healthy foods, natural health remedies and organic natural health supplements in our range. Each product is carefully picked for its organic, natural ingredients to make staying healthy easy. We offer the best organic vegan protein on the market including organic vegan paleo protein for our special customers that follow paleo diet. There’s even a range of samples that you can purchase so that you can try those products you’ve heard so much about and fall in love with them yourself before investing in a full-sized pack.


Follow your gut instincts

Keeping your gut healthy can be a struggle. Stress, toxins and a bad diet can upset the balance and disrupt your whole digestive system. This is where probiotics come in. Sassy Organics stocks a range of natural probiotics for digestive health to help your body stay on track. Probiotics, in whichever form powder or capsules help the good bacteria thrive in your gut so your body stays fit and healthy. Probiotics have been proven to support the immune system in fighting off infection and the digestive system to function healthily. They have even been linked to clear, beautiful skin so that you can feel healthy on the inside and look healthy on the outside. As always, we are committed to stocking only the best and most organic probiotics available.

At Sassy Organics, we pride ourselves on bringing together the best products for your body from the health and well-being industries. We stock a range of natural health products to empower people to lead healthier, happier lives. These tried and tested products that contain zero hidden chemicals or nasty surprises so you can shop with absolute confidence. Our carefully curated range of nutrient rich products help you make healthy choices with ease.


Ministry of Tea Certified Organic The Big Sleep Tea (20 Bags)

Soothing chamomile, valerian & lemon balm for a good night sleep

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Diatomaceous Earth Love Your Gut Powder (250 g)

Eliminates the waste, toxins, metals and mucous in the digestive tract



IMUNI Vital D3 (266 Drops)

An eco sustainable form of vitamin D3 obtained from algae



Teelixir Certified Organic Ashwagandha Root For Stress Resilience

Help reduce the effects of stress, anxiety & increase energy

From $35.95

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Teelixir Wildcrafted Red Pine Needle Oil (30 ml)

High in chlorophyll, iron, beta carotene, protein, vitamin A & rutin



Vitus Vegan Vitamin C Powder

Pure plant sourced vitamin C for a great tasting daily boost

From $37.95

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Hemp Foods Australia Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

2000 mg of omega 3 per spoonful

From $7.95

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Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Vasguard - Hawthorn Berry (100 ml)

Works as a heart tonic to support cardiovascular health



Mama Body Tea Energise (43 g)

Stimulates the mind & nervous system



Teelixir Certified Organic Chaga Mushroom - Energy Adaptogen

Helps increase the body's resistance to stress in all conditions

From $36.95

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Teelixir Certified Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom For Brain & Mood Activat

Proven to reduce stress, calm the mind, support brain health

From $32.95

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Teelixir Certified Organic Tremella Mushroom For Beauty & Hydration (50 g)

Helps rejuvenate, moisturise & hydrate the skin



Teelixir Certified Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom For Gut & Immune Strength (5

Contains prebiotic compounds that help balance healthy gut bacteria



The Physic Garden Natural Sleep Balm

With chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, suitable for 6 months & up

From $14.95

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7 Chakra Crystal Set

Associated with coming into flow & alignment of your body



Absolute Essential Certified Organic Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10 ml)

Deeply relaxing blend to support restorative & restful sleep



Acacia Aromatherapy Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend Unwind (10 ml)

A calming blend to bring tranquillity to your mind



Acacia Aromatherapy Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Focus (10 ml)

Helps rejuvenate your mindset & encourage creativity



Acacia Aromatherapy Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Sleep Well (10 ml)

Helps to soothe your mind & promote a sense of peace



Acacia Aromatherapy Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Stress Release (10 m

Promotes positive emotions, with soothing oil of tea tree & bergamot



Acacia Aromatherapy Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Unwind (10 ml)

Created with floral notes for relaxation on the go



Acai Powder Berry (200 g)

Combines 6 super berries, sweet mango and beetroot



Amazing Oils Active Magnesium Oil Spray (125 ml)

With the added benefits of wintergreen & menthol



Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes

Safe for sensitive skin, children & during pregnancy

From $19.95

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Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel Roll-On (60 ml)

Can assist with muscular cramps, nervous tension & PMS symptoms



Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil (1 Litre)

Perfect for a small family & refilling Amazing Oils magnesium spray



Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil Spray

Can assist with muscular cramps, nervous tension & PMS symptoms

From $23.95

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Amazing Oils Magnesium Sensitive Spray (200 ml)

More friendly to those who get itchy from regular magnesium oil



Amazing Oils Recovery Magnesium Bath Flakes (2 kg)

With the added benefits of wintergreen & menthol



Amazing Oils Ugly Bit Magnesium Stick - Blemish Correction (15 ml)

Helps with blemishes, lumps, bumps, skin tags & sun spots



Ausganica Certified Organic Bergamot Essential Oil Bergaptene Free (10 ml)

Reminiscent to that of orange with floral characteristic



Ausganica Certified Organic Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil (10 ml)

Helps with stress, anxiety, depression, acne & oily skin



Ayurvedic Oil Pulling Concentrate (50 ml)

Remedy of 24 plants and herbs used for oil pulling



Black Chicken Remedies 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend Signature (9 ml)

For anxiety, easing the symptoms of depression & promoting well being



Black Chicken Remedies 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend Upbeat (9 ml)

Promotes happiness & well being and grounds an anxious mind

Now $17.97

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By Popo Focus Roller With Lemon & Rosemary (10 ml)

Sets a positive mind set, provides mental strength & clarity



By Popo Happiness Roller With Orange & Lemon (10 ml)

An uplifting blend to promote an intense feeling of joy & pleasure



By Popo Immunity Roller With Eucalyptus & Tea Tree (10 ml)

Reduces congestion of the upper respiratory tract



Certified Organic Clean Greens (200 g)

With vitamin A, B6, C, E, K, iodine & iron for normal immune function



Certified Organic Immune Tea (70 g)

A floral mint tea with a touch of warming ginger & rich in vitamin C

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Certified Organic Meditation Tea (45 g)

An aromatic blend with lovely floral notes for balancing all chakras

From $19.95

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Certified Organic Mother Nature Tea With Raspberry Leaf (50 g)

Pregnancy blend to calm the nerves & prepare the uterus for labour

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Certified Organic Peaceful Tea (40 g)

Instils calmness, with a smooth & floral aroma

From $19.95

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Certified Organic Probiotic & Prebiotic Woman Blend (150 g)

Includes foods high in iodine to support the thyroid and hormones



Certified Organic Wellness Tea Gift Box With Tea Infuser

Send your loved one the gift of wellness



Clean Energy Juicy Peach (250 g)

Natural pre workout drink for your physical & mental performance



Clean Energy Raspberry & Lemonade (250 g)

Natural pre workout drink for your physical & mental performance



Clean Omega 3 Capsules (60 Capsules)

Flavourless & odour free


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