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If you love to drink loose leaf tea, then you know you need a tea strainer or tea infuser in your tea collection. A tea strainer usually has a fine mesh basket that you fill with your favourite loose-leaf tea. You then dunk the tea strainer or tea infuser in your favourite mug of hot water – instantly infusing your water with the aromas and healing powers of your favourite loose leaf tea blend. A tea strainer is an essential as it easily keeps bits of leaf and herbs getting into your hot water, making the experience all the more luxurious and soothing.


The perfect gift for a tea lover

Whether you know a teaware collector or have a tea lover in your life, a stylish tea strainer or tea infuser makes for a great gift. In fact, now teaware collection is complete without one. If you want to shop tea gifts, then bundling a tea gift pack with a stainless-steel infuser is the way to go. The Organic Merchant infuser is stylish and easy to take on the go – making it the perfect gift for the daily tea drinker. When shopping for a tea infuser, be sure to look for a quality material like stainless steel and one with a lid if you like to sip slowly and want to maximise on taste and aroma.


Single Cup Tea Infuser

Perfect for travelling, the office or at home



Stainless Steel Tea Basket Infuser

Will keep even fine leaves and herbs out of your tea for a clear brew


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