Herbal tinctures

What is a herbal tincture?

Herbal tinctures are concentrated extracts from herbs, flowers and plants. They are made by soaking the natural plant matter (bark, leaves roots, flowers etc.) to extract the active, healing ingredients. Tinctures can be used as natural remedies for a range of health and lifestyle concerns. Herbal tinctures are also easy to digest and take as they come in convenient liquid form. The Sassy Organics growing tinctures range features purely natural and organic tinctures from trusted Australian brands like Herbanica.


The best herbal tinctures  

There are a range of herbal tinctures you can use to help boost your health or address health concerns. a popular one is the dandelion tincture, as this is said to support liver health and regulate the appetite and bile flow. You might have heard about an organic echinacea tincture, which is popular for those wanting to boost and support their natural immune system functioning. St John’s Wort tincture is a concentrated form of the St John’s Wort plant that has been used in Western herbal medicine for the relief of mild mood disturbances. A St John’s Wort tincture can be used to support a healthy mod and settle restlessness or nervousness.


Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Vasguard - Hawthorn Berry (100 ml)

Works as a heart tonic to support cardiovascular health



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Calmamile - Chamomile (100 ml)

Helps relieve the feelings of mild anxiety, nervousness & restlessness



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Dandetox - Dandelion (100 ml)

Helps support liver health, bile flow, appetite & detoxification processes



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Echinamune - Echinacea (100 ml)

Helps support the immune system & healthy immune function



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Femulate - Lady's Mantle (100 ml)

Helps support healthy menstrual function & healthy periods



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Gutelix - Lemon Balm (100 ml)

Helps with mild digestive complaints or disturbances



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Moodivate - St. John's Wort (100

Helps relief mild mood disturbances & restlessness



Herbanica Certified Organic Plant Tincture Respiracote - Marshmallow (100 ml)

Helps relieve the symptoms of mild respiratory complaints


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