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Ministry of Tea

Certified Organic The Big Sleep Tea (20 Bags)


Absolute Essential

Certified Organic Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10 ml)


Acacia Aromatherapy

Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Sleep Well (10 ml)


The Physic Garden

Natural Sleep Balm

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Organic Kid's Calm Oral Liquid

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Sleep (60 Capsules)



Sleep + Mind Balance (60 Capsules)


Summer Salt Body

Sleep Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)


What is a natural sleep remedy?

Sleep is crucial to maintaining our overall health and wellbeing. And yet, too many of us struggle to have long enough or deep enough sleeps. A natural sleep remedy can mean anything from a sleep tea or using essential oils for sleep before bed. Many of the natural sleep remedies use calming essential oils from plants that are proven to assist with calming and promoting drowsy feelings in the body such as chamomile and lavender. Choosing a sleep remedy is a very individual process and one of trial and error. But if you’re considering trying something to help you fall asleep or have better sleep, we always suggest giving the all-natural route a try first.


All natural sleepy time solutions

Our range of natural sleep remedies contains various forms and will depend on what suits you and your sleep routine. A sleep tea or bedtime tea contains a mixture of herbs and plants with proven drowsy effects such as valerian and chamomile. Many people prefer not to drink a lot before bed. If that’s you, then we suggest trying essential oils for sleep as they contain extracts from the same sleepy herbs you’d find in a sleep tea. An essential oil roller or inhaler can be used to harness the power of essential oils for sleep. Or you can even use an essential oil linen spray for sleep by spritzing your bedsheets with the essential oil before bed. This makes everything feel so calming and smell so soothing. A sleep balm is a solidified oil with calming essential oils and herbs that you can rub into your pulse points or use for a pre-bed massage to calm the mind and bring on deep sleep. If you’ve tried a lot of natural sleep remedies already and want something a bit new, then you might like to use crystals to help sleep. Some crystals can contain healing, calming energy and when combined with the right essential oils, will help have you drifting off peacefully, night after night.