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Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant only it is not the same source as the drug marijuana. Hemp oil can also be used for boosting internal health and topical skin health.  Instead, hemp is a fast-growing plant with natural medicinal and healing properties. The hemp seeds can be eaten as they are for a natural health boost and dose of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Hemp is also used as a natural source of protein as it contains all the 9 essential amino acids and has comparable protein makeup to soy and egg white. One of the more common ways to use hemp for protein is to take it as a hemp protein powder


Hemp in every form

If you’re looking for Hemp seeds in Australia then you’ve probably heard of The Hemp Foods Australia Brand which makes all-natural hemp seeds. If you want to boost your smoothies with a natural hemp protein, we recommend using a smooth hemp protein powder. Harnessing the power of hemp doesn’t end with seeds and powders though. If you’re looking for hemp oil in Australia, then you’ll want to try the Hemp Food Australia Organic Hemp Seed Oil which can be added to salads, soups and other recipes for a boost of vegan aminos. And you can use hemp oil for skin like this Every Bit Organic one to prevent ageing and boost your skin’s moisture content.


Organic Hemp Gold Protein

Contains all the essential amino acids in great quantities

From $29.94

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Certified Organic Hemp Protein Chocolate (420 g)

With a complete amino acid profile, easy to digest & 60% protein



Certified Organic Hemp Protein Unflavoured (420 g)

With a complete amino acid profile, easy to digest & 60% protein



Certified Organic Hemp Protein Vanilla (420 g)

With a complete amino acid profile, easy to digest & 60% protein



Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Helps revitalise, regenerate and soften dry, tired & dehydrated skin

From $13.95

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Organic Hemp Seed Oil

High in omega 3 & omega 6 essential fatty acids

From $19.95

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Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

2000 mg of omega 3 per spoonful

From $7.95

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Certified Organic Hemp Protein Mixed Berry & Acai (420 g)

With a complete amino acid profile, easy to digest & 60% protein


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Organic Hemp Flour (1 kg)

A single serve contains over 60% of daily dietary fibre


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Vegan Hemp Protein Beauty Berries

Vegan, fermented, complete protein for body, skin, hair & nails

From $5.95

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Vegan Hemp Protein Creamy Vanilla (500 g)

Vegan, fermented, complete protein blend with alkaline greens


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