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Self tanning accessories

The secret to getting a streak free tan application is in the skin prep and tools. Before applying a tan, you should always exfoliate 24 - 48 hours in advance and hydrate the skin with lotion. If you want to get a tan that is seamless, you’ll need to use self tanning accessories. A fake tan mitt helps to spread the fake tan evenly across the body, it also means your hands won’t get stained orange with self tanning lotion.


Achieve that streak free tan

The best way to self tan at home is using a tanning mitt - that’s what will give you that salon quality fake tan at home. We always recommend using your fake tan mitt in broad, sweeping strokes for the most even fake tan finish. Wondering how to extend your ran? We recommend using a fake tan extender like this one from Zuii Organic. This non greasy formula will hydrate the skin and prevent the tan from drying out and going patchy.


Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant Glove

Can be used as a dry body buff, with body scrub or body wash



Eco Tan Luxurious Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt

Ideal for Eco Tan tanning waters, lotions & mousse



Wotnot Body Exfoliating Mitt

Leaving soft skin perfectly primed for a flawless streak free tan



Wotnot Flawless Tan Application Mitt

For a flawless, streak free & professional finish



Zuii Organic Cotton Polishing Mitt

Contains fine copper threads to promote the production of collagen



Zuii Organic Tan Applicator Mitt

Helps create perfect, streak free results & stain free hands every time



Zuii Organic Certified Organic Dry Oil Tan Extender (100 ml)

Non greasy, with almond, sunflower & camellia seed oil


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Zuii Organic Tan Exfoliating Mitt

Great for ensuring a perfect long lasting, even natural looking tan


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