Digestive tea

Looking after your digestive health

Treat your body to a delicious organic tea for bloating and digestion by choosing one of our refreshing and invigorating organic tea blends. Choose from our collection of carefully curated tea blends with health promoting, nutrient packed ingredients including lemongrass, zest of ginger and sweet mint to support and repair your digestive system. Organic Merchant Lemon & Ginger Tea has traditionally been used to reduce nausea, whilst also easing digestion.


The benefits of digestive tea

Tea has been proven to have fantastic benefits for improving the digestive health. These delicious tea blends promote the health of your digestive system as bloated stomach remedies. Packed with delicious, nutrient packed, organic ingredients, these tonifying tea blends are perfect to sip on after dinner. Specially created Essiac Tea is suitable for cleansing and tonning the whole body and has traditionally been used as an alternative treatment for cancer, by removing toxins and wastes from the body.


Certified Organic Essiac Tea (80 g)

Commonly known as an alternative treatment for cancer

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Certified Organic Spicy Liquorice Infusion Tea (20 Bags)

Spicy, warming liquorice blend to enjoy any time of the day



Certified Organic Aperitif Tea (40 g)

Traditionally used to calm digestion, ease reflux & heartburn

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Certified Organic Digestive Tea (80 g)

Soothes digestion and reduces bloating & cramping

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Certified Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea (60 g)

Zesty, yet sweet and spicy blend to ease digestion & reduce nausea

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Debloating Turmeric Tea (30 Bags)

Help ease bloating discomfort & soothe gastrointestinal troubles



Organic & Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Digestive

Supports healthy digestion

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Serenity Tea Gift Box With Tea Infuser

Created to instil peace & calm as well as ease digestion



Certified Organic Lemon & Ginger Infusion Tea (20 Bags)

Deliciously warming organic lemon & ginger infusion


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Certified Organic Moroccan Mint Tea (20 Bags)

Delightfully refreshing organic Moroccan mint tea


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Certified Organic Turmeric, Liquorice & Ginger Tea (20 Bags)

Warming potion for an instant pick me up with immune boosting herbs


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