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Aida Rejzovic is proud founder of Sassy Organics and long time user of organics products. Aida launched Sassy Organics after discovering that there was an abounding count of chemicals absorbed by our bodies found in our daily everyday products like toothpaste, hair, and body products. Aida's idea for Sassy Organics came from her belief that prevention is better than cure. Her ethical business makes it possible for anyone to embrace this lifestyle. Aida is also a contributor to E-Bubble Life Magazine, aimed at parents with primary school children. Her aim is to educate parents about toxins in our day to day life and guiding them to a healthier and more sustainable life. Below, you will find some of Aida's articles which were recently published by E-Bubble Life.

Sassy Organics' media kit can be accessed here. Please note that Sassy Organics owns all rights to Sassy Organics logos and images within he media kit and they are to be used strictly for the promotion of Sassy Organics or it's founder, Aida Rejzovic. Sassy Organics product images in the media kit are not to be used for self promotion, either to promote your own website or your products. For all media enquiries, please contact us at


'Knowing what you want to live your best life', E-Bubble Life

Date Posted: 23 February 2020

'5 Essentials For a Healthy & Eco Friendly Summer', E-Bubble Life

Date Posted: 26 December 2019

'Home Toxicity and How To Reduce It', E-Bubble Life

Date Posted: 26 October 2019

'Fit Face', Australian Natural Health

Date Posted: 1 November 2016