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There are plenty of natural alternatives to everyday medical cupboard items. These alternatives can be just as effective but rely on plant extracts and herbs that are naturally healing and remedial. One of the star plant oils for natural healing and wound care is arnica oil. Arnica oil is derived from the flowering herb that is native to rocky regions like Siberia and East Europe. This oil has been used as a homeopathic treatment for skin, scalp and hair conditions for centuries. You can use arnica oil as a muscle rub as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. You can also apply to wounds and bruises to help with the natural healing process. 


Mother nature’s menders  

A muscle rub is used to alleviate and reduce the feeling of aches and pains that people experience when they exercise or suffer from an injury. A good muscle rub will help reduce pain and inflammation from the outside. However, most muscle rubs will contain synthetic ingredients like petroleum jelly and paraffin. A natural alternative is the muscle rub from Physic Garden that is naturopathically formulated and only using warming herbs and shea butter. If you have sensitive skin or want an eco alternative to regular plastic band aids, then the Patch Bamboo Strips are for you. These natural adhesive strips help repair minor cuts and are hypoallergenic. You can also use the Patch Bamboo Bandages with aloe vera for extra soothing.


Every Bit Organic Arnica Oil (50 ml)

Known to reduce under eye dark circles, inflammation & soothe skin



The Physic Garden Natural Muscle Rub

With wintergreen, peppermint, suitable for ages 5 years & up

From $14.95

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PATCH Black Bamboo Activated Charcoal Hypoallergenic Organic Strips (25 Pk)

Draws out impurities, reduces redness & repairs minor abrasions


Out Of Stock

PATCH Nude Bamboo Natural Hypoallergenic Organic Strips (25 Pk)

Ideal to help repair minor abrasions & suitable for sensitive skin


Out Of Stock

PATCH Panda Bamboo Coconut Oil Hypoallergenic Organic Strips for Kids (25 Pk)

With coconut oil to help gently repair minor grazes, cuts & bruises


Out Of Stock

PATCH Tan Bamboo Aloe Vera Hypoallergenic Organic Strips (25 Pk)

With aloe vera to help soothe blisters, cuts & minor abrasions


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