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At Sassy Organics, we make it our mission to source the best all-natural lip balm that not only smells delicious but leave your lips feeling soft and nourished. Using a lip balm is just as important as using a moisturiser on our skin. The skin on our lips can easily become dry and painful – a lip balm can fix this. But not every lip balm is actively good for our lips. Conventional lip balms tend to contain drying ingredients that provide initial relief from dry lips but actually, over time, dry out our lips more so you keep using the product. At Sassy Organics we stock only all natural, filler free lip balms that nourish your lips with hydrating plant oils and butter. If you struggle with dry lips or just want to spend some extra time on your self care then why not add a lip scrub into your weekly routine? A lip scrub is usually a physical exfoliant of sugar and plant oils that removes flaky or dead skin cells to help nourish and heal dry lips. Plus an all natural, plant based lip scrub just tastes and smells amazing! 


Hurraw! for lip balms

If you are searching for a lip balm that is intensely nourishing and smells incredible, then look no further than Hurraw lip balm. Based on basic Ayurvedic Dosha principles, Hurraw infuses all natural, cold pressed plant oils with nourishing fruit and plant extracts for some of the best smelling lip balm around. Another great brand for natural and vegan lip balms is Noosa Basics. Noosa Basics makes its lip balms from hydrating coconut butter and jojoba oil, plus Noosa Basics lip balms come in fully compostable packaging, so you can nourish your lips and help protect the planet.  


SPF 15 Sun Tangerine & Chamomile Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Extra thick and creamy for longer staying power



Almond Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Creamy almond balm



Blue Chamomile & Vanilla Moon Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Extra thick, creamy and rich to helps soothes your lips



Butt Naked Chai Lip Scrub (30 g)

Helps to exfoliate, nourish & heal dry, chapped lips



Butt Naked Cuban Coffee Lip Balm (10 g)

Designed to restore, condition and soothe dry, cracked or chapped lips



Butt Naked Fruitalicious Gift Set (3 Products)

Suitable for all skin types



Butt Naked Fruitini Lip Balm (7 g)

Infused with grapefruit & sweet orange oil



Butt Naked Mint Lip Balm (7 g)

Deeply restorative lip balmin’ with a fresh minty kick



Butt Naked Mocha Lip Balm (7 g)

Infused with 100% natural coffee oil & virgin cocoa butter



Butt Naked Moroccan Mint Lip Balm (10 g)

Deeply restorative lip balm with a fresh minty kick



Butt Naked Nudist Repair Balm (14 g)

Ideal for dry skin and lips, chafing, eczema, flaky or dehydrated skin



Chai Spice Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

A spicy blend of black pepper, cinnamon, clove, anise & vanilla



Chocolate Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Made with real unsweetened raw chocolate



Coffee Bean Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

With coffee bean seed oil and a touch of raw chocolate



Earl Grey Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

With added scent of Italian bergamot oranges



Grapefruit Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

A gorgeous light pink colour with a clear gloss



Green Tea Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

High in omega fatty acids & moisturising with hemp oil



Kapha Vegan Lip Balm With Grapefruit, Ginger & Eucalyptus (4.3 g)

A unique, long lasting, nourishing & warming lip balm



Mint Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

A long lasting minty treat for your lips



Natural Vegan Lip Balm Night Jasmine (14 g)

Gives you shine with sensual scent of jasmine, neroli & sweet orange



Natural Vegan Lip Balm Soul Shine (14 g)

Bright and shiny with lemon myrtle to give your lips a pop



Natural Vegan Lip Balm Winter Lips (14 g)

Dry, cracked lips are soothed with shea butter, rosehip & elder flower



Noosa Basics Vegan Lip Balm Coconut (15 g)

Fully compostable packaging



Noosa Basics Vegan Lip Balm Mint (15 g)

Fully compostable packaging



Noosa Basics Vegan Lip Balm Vanilla (15 g)

Fully compostable packaging



Orange Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Creamy orange balm



P'URE Papayacare Papaya Lip Rescue (10 g)

With essential oils to nourish, soothe & restore dry, irritated lips



P'URE Papayacare Papaya Lips (10 g)

With papaya, and calendula to protect & hydrate dry, cracked lips



P'URE Papayacare Papaya Ointment (25 g)

For lips, heels, elbows, cuticles, nipples, chafing, brows & after sun

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Papaya Pineapple Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Made with cold pressed papaya seed oil for extra moisture



P’URE Papayacare Papaya Balm Multi Use (100 g)

For lips, heels, knees, elbows, hands, cuticles, nipples, chafing



Root Beer Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Cool, creamy, rooty and fabulous



Soothe Pot With Virgin Coconut Oil + Pure Botanical Oils (40 ml)

Protects skin from premature ageing, re-generates healthy skin cells



The Jojoba Company Jojoba Lip Balm (10 ml)

Soothes dry & cracked lips



Unscented Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Unscented, nut oil free and mild



Vata Vegan Lip Balm With Almond, Cardamon & Rose (4.3 g)

A unique, long lasting, nourishing & grounding lip balm



Certified Organic Lip Treatment Limited Release Only

Lip treatment that moisturises & soothes serious dryness


Out Of Stock

Coconut Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

Made with rich, raw coconut oil


Out Of Stock

Licorice Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

With a pinch of anise seed oil for a hint of natural sweetness


Out Of Stock

Lime Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

With Persian lime oil for some serious zest


Out Of Stock

Pitta Vegan Lip Balm With Coconut, Mint & Lemongrass (4.3 g)

A unique, long lasting, nourishing & cooling lip balm


Out Of Stock

Vanilla Bean Vegan Lip Balm (4.3 g)

A delicate, dreamy vanilla scent


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