Protecting and Nourishing our Biggest Organ

Our skin is our largest organ so we believe we should treat it with the largest respect. It is no secret that our skin absorbs the products that we put on it. In fact, the skin can absorb up to 60% of what we put on it which means that it is very important that what we put on our skin is good for it. Give your skin a break from harmful chemicals and give your skin the much-needed nutrients it deserves with the range of certified organic body products available from Sassy Organics.


Organic Products for Sensitive Skin

Not every product is made for every skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it is super important that the ingredients that go into your skincare products are gentle and kind to your skin. At Sassy Organics, we make it easy to cleanse and nourish your skin with organic body products. The body care products you’ll find in our range are packed full of nutrients and natural ingredients to nourish sensitive skin. Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk is a must have for anyone with sensitive skin or eczema and psoriasis prone skin. Otherwise, Acure Cocoa Butter & CoQ10 Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion is another alternative and less expensive choice for senstive skin sufferers.

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Every Bit Organic Shea Butter


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Genuine Organic Brands

As an exclusive organic retailer, we’ve selected only the finest organic beauty products to be stocked in at Sassy Organics. We love supporting green Australian beauty brands, and you’ll notice that the majority of our featured brands are Australian owned and made. We select products based on their high-quality ingredients, performance and cruelty-free policies, ensuring that we cater for everyone in the family - including men and babies! If you already have an organic skincare brand that you know and love, you can easily shop their product range directly by clicking on their logo below!