Natural remedies

A nasalette for every need

Nasalettes are nasal inhalers packed with all natural essential oil blends. Each essential oil blend empowers each type of nasal inhaler with remedial benefits to offer you quick relief in different situations. Formulated to help with a variety of mindful problems and nasal tensions each scent combines powerful and fragrant natural ingredients to clear airways and your peace of mind. Essential rollers can be a powerful addition to any health routine. Essential oil rollers can be used to alleviate a range of health struggles including stress and poor sleep.   


Flu today, gone tomorrow

When inevitable nasal congestion comes knocking, be prepared with nasalette. These handy little essential oil inhalers are the perfect size for your pocket or handbag, and effectively stop you suffering from congestion or upper respiratory ailments. Kiwiherb make the best organic tinctures for all your health boosting needs. We love the Kiwiherb De Stuff to help relieve congestion and inflammation in the body.


Certified Organic Plant Tincture Calmamile - Chamomile (100 ml)

Helps relieve the feelings of mild anxiety, nervousness & restlessness



Natural Herbal Bath Soak Relax (220 g)

Scents of rose, passionflower, geranium calm & soothe the spirit



Lunar Latte With Reishi Mushroom

Vanilla latte with soft floral notes & perfect way to unwind before bed

From $2.00

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100% Natural Essential Oil Blend Signature (9 ml)

For anxiety, easing the symptoms of depression & promoting well being



100% Natural Essential Oil Blend Upbeat (9 ml)

Promotes happiness & well being and grounds an anxious mind

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7 Chakra Crystal Set

Associated with coming into flow & alignment of your body



Certified Organic Bergamot Essential Oil Bergaptene Free (10 ml)

Reminiscent to that of orange with floral characteristic



Certified Organic Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10 ml)

Deeply relaxing blend to support restorative & restful sleep



Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend Unwind (10 ml)

A calming blend to bring tranquillity to your mind



Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Focus (10 ml)

Helps rejuvenate your mindset & encourage creativity



Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Sleep Well (10 ml)

Helps to soothe your mind & promote a sense of peace



Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Stress Release (10 ml)

Promotes positive emotions, with soothing oil of tea tree & bergamot



Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll On Unwind (10 ml)

Created with floral notes for relaxation on the go



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Dandetox - Dandelion (100 ml)

Helps support liver health, bile flow, appetite & detoxification processes



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Echinamune - Echinacea (100 ml)

Helps support the immune system & healthy immune function



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Femulate - Lady's Mantle (100 ml)

Helps support healthy menstrual function & healthy periods



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Gutelix - Lemon Balm (100 ml)

Helps with mild digestive complaints or disturbances



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Moodivate - St. John's Wort (100 ml)

Helps relief mild mood disturbances & restlessness



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Respiracote - Marshmallow (100 ml)

Helps relieve the symptoms of mild respiratory complaints



Certified Organic Plant Tincture Vasguard - Hawthorn Berry (100 ml)

Works as a heart tonic to support cardiovascular health



Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom For Calm Mind & Relaxation

Helps to reduces stress, calms the mind & promotes deep sleep

From $31.95

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Certified Organic Restful Tea (40 g)

Used to calm the nervous system & help achieve a peaceful sleep

Now from $17.96

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Certified Organic The Big Sleep Tea (20 Bags)

Soothing chamomile, valerian & lemon balm for a good night sleep

Now $8.96

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Certified Organic Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil (10 ml)

Helps with stress, anxiety, depression, acne & oily skin



Clarity Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, lime & lemon myrtle



Crown Chakra Crystal Set

Associated with matters of spiritual enlightenment



Energy Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

Helps to promote energy, confidence, creativity & vitality



Focus (60 Capsules)

Amplifies concentration & alertness



Focus Roller With Lemon & Rosemary (10 ml)

Sets a positive mind set, provides mental strength & clarity



Grounding Crystal Gift Set

Includes selenite, palo santo & black tourmaline



Happiness Roller With Orange & Lemon (10 ml)

An uplifting blend to promote an intense feeling of joy & pleasure



Healing Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With mandarin, lavender, marjoram and myrrh to relax & soothe



Heart Chakra Crystal Set

Associated with matters of love, relationships & self worth



Immunity Roller With Eucalyptus & Tea Tree (10 ml)

Reduces congestion of the upper respiratory tract



Love Crystal Gift Set

Includes amethyst, rose quartz & clear quartz



Love Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With rose & vanilla to encourage self love



Natural Baby Balm

Perfect for nappy rash, cradle cap or rash & ideal for sensitive skin

From $14.95

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Natural Belly Balm

Promotes skin elasticity during pregnancy and prevents dryness

From $14.95

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Natural Bug Balm

Moisturising natural balm with citronella, geranium & eucalyptus

From $14.95

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Natural Calm Balm

With bergamot, mandarin, suitable for ages 2 years & up

Now from $10.47

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Natural Muscle Rub

With wintergreen, peppermint, suitable for ages 5 years & up

From $14.95

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Natural Nursing Balm

Helps breastfeeding mums to moisturise dry & cracked nipples

From $14.95

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Natural Skin Rescue Balm

With calendula, chickweed & gotu kola to protect dry or damaged skin

From $14.95

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Natural Sleep Balm

With chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, suitable for 6 months & up

From $14.95

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Natural Vapour Rub

With eucalyptus, peppermint, white camphor, rosemary, for ages 2 & up

From $14.95

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Organic & Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Chill Out Mama

Unwind from stress & tension

From $19.95

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Organic Kid's Calm Oral Liquid

Helps calm toddlers/children and soothes colic, wind & upset tummy

From $27.95

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