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Probiotics are live microorganisms and good bacteria that, when ingested, can restore or improve your natural gut flora. For this reason, probiotics can help improve digestion and help you have regular bowel movements. One of the best ways to take probiotics is as a probiotic powder. A probiotics powder can be mixed into pure water or juice, added to smoothies or sprinkled over other meals. A probiotic powder should help to balance the bacteria in your gut so that the healthy bacteria dominate and your digestion settles.


The best probiotic powders

Looking for a vegan probiotic powder Australia? We always recommend NuFerm 2012 as it uses 20 living non-gluten wholefoods that are fermented by 12 strains of probiotics. NuFerm specialises in natural nutrition that uses plant-based foods to promote happy, healthy guts. Another great probiotic powder is the NuFerm Organic Woman Blend which is specifically formulated for the needs of women, meaning it is high in iodine to support the thyroid (our body’s hormone regulator). All NuFerm probiotic powders are certified organic, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.


NuFerm Certified Organic 2012 Probiotic & Prebiotic Super Blend Powder (150

A blend of wholefoods broken down by 12 strains of probiotics



NuFerm Certified Organic Fructo - Less Blend (150 g)

For sensitive gut, those with bloating, pain & inflammation



NuFerm Certified Organic Probiotic & Prebiotic Woman Blend (150 g)

Includes foods high in iodine to support the thyroid and hormones



Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Synbiotic Powder (120 g)

Pre + Probiotic + Digestive Enzymes (20 billion probiotics per serve)


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