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Meet Aida – the proud founder of Sassy Organics  



I founded Sassy Organics in 2016 to make shopping vegan and organic effortless.

In 2012, I battled some serious health issues, which ultimately put me on a lifelong journey with organics.

As I managed my medical conditions, I educated myself on the impact chemicals and synthetic hormones can have on our bodies.

I discovered that we absorb a lot of the dangerous substances found in commercial, everyday products, which can severely damage our health. Horrified, I decided to replace standard commercial products with organic ones.

As I continued my organics journey, my health and wellbeing were transformed. I became invested in this way of life and wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits, without having to first face a health scare. But I knew not everyone would have the time to research products and read lengthy labels.

So, I founded Sassy Organics – to empower others to embrace an organic lifestyle and provide a carefully curated and ever-growing collection of vegan and organic products.




What we do

Sassy Organics is an exclusively organic and vegan retailer committed to helping you adopt a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.

Despite what the big names tell you, beauty shouldn’t be pain. Aida is a true animal lover, who was vegetarian for over 15 years before adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2017. Ever since, Sassy Organics has been a 100% vegan online store, stocking only the best in vegan and cruelty-free products. Here at Sassy Organics, we’re fighting to end animal abuse in the beauty industry and to create a world free of animal exploitation.

Sassy Organics grew from the belief that prevention is better than the cure and that leading an organic lifestyle should be effortless. That’s why do the all the tricky bits for you. Before adding a product to our trusted range, we’re sure to investigate its origin, scrutinise its ingredients and, of course, trial it ourselves. Our range is ever expandable and affordable. We only stock the highest-quality organic and vegan products – from vegan skincare and vegan supplements to organic makeup and baby care.

Sassy Organics believes business can be a force for good. Sassy Organics is committed to protecting our planet at every possible turn and has removed all plastic waste from its online order packaging. We also make a conscious effort to support local and Fairtrade makers wherever possible. You can learn more about Sassy Organics’ commitments to you, the planet and the animals here.


What we envision

With a range of over 1600 products (and counting), Sassy Organics is well on its way to becoming an epicentre of organic, vegan, and cruelty-free living. We aim to be a thought leader and an invaluable source of information on all things organic and vegan, both here in Australia and overseas. 

We also promise to continue building our community of like-minded people who are committed to leading a healthy, sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. Whether you’re just starting out or an organics enthusiast like us, Sassy Organics welcomes you.

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"Order was quick and absolutely beautiful! X love it." – BB 

"Amazing service and LOVE the products. Used them this morning and my face has never felt so fresh and glowy! Would 100% recommend." – HF