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Not matter how simple your daily skin care regime is, deodorant is likely to be a daily essential, so make sure that it is being kind to your skin by choosing a natural or organic deodorant. From paste to roll-on, at Sassy Organics we stock only the best all natural deodorants that work wonders for your skin. Crafted from all natural ingredients including organic shea butter, coconut oil, camellia tea oil and Vitamin E, arrowroot and Kaolin clay, our range of natural deodorants make it easy to switch to a healthier alternative.


Aluminium Free Deodorants

Standard supermarket deodorants stop body odours by using aluminium to block the sweat glands in your underarms and trap the sweat and odours. While undeniably effective, this method of anti-perspirant control is not the healthiest option available. Seek a healthier alternative by choosing one of our 100% natural, non aluminium deodorants and banish unwanted odours without the chemical nasties.


Earths Purities Amalfi Coast Natural Liquid Roll On Deodorant (50 ml)

No stain formula with a citrus blend & warm vanilla undertone



Earths Purities Nero for Him Natural Liquid Roll On Deodorant (50 ml)

With a smoky, woody & citrus fragrance



Earths Purities Pure For Him Bicarb Free Natural Deodorant (50 ml)

Great for those with allergies or irritation



Eco by Sonya Natural Unisex Coconut Deodorant (60 ml)

No hidden nasties or toxins & suitable for the whole family



Mama Body Tea Energise Dad Tea & Earths Purities Amalfi Coast Deodorant

Perfect duo for busy men & dads


5% OFF RRP $30.90

Mr Pitts Natural Vegan Deodorant Paste For Man Active (70 g)

Perfect for days when you need your deodorant to go the extra mile



Mr Pitts Natural Vegan Deodorant Paste For Man Fresh (70 g)

Neutralises underarm odour and eliminates bacteria



2x Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

Neutralise odour without harmful chemicals or sweat blockers


Out Of Stock

Earths Purities Detox - A - Pit (70 g)

Takes 10 minutes a day for 7 days to successfully detox your armpits


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Genuine Organic Brands

As an exclusive organic retailer, we’ve selected only the finest organic beauty products to be stocked in at Sassy Organics. We love supporting green Australian beauty brands, and you’ll notice that the majority of our featured brands are Australian owned and made. We select products based on their high-quality ingredients, performance and cruelty-free policies, ensuring that we cater for everyone in the family - including men and babies! If you already have an organic skincare brand that you know and love, you can easily shop their product range directly by clicking on their logo below!