A lot of your time is spent in your home so make sure that your home environment is a relaxing, healthy haven for you to relax in. Go green with our range of non-toxic, organic home accessories and eco-friendly homeware essentials. From toxin-free room sprays to environmentally-friendly grocery and storage bags, our extensive range of chemical-free products leave your home clean and fresh without the nasties. We proudly source natural and organic alternatives that are sustainable and safe for the whole family so that your home is a happy and healthy home. Need a little guidance? Here is a blog on How to shop sustainably?


Making the Swap to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

A lot of products in our kitchen are not environmentally friendly but they can be by making the move to healthier, natural alternatives. Mix up your morning smoothie ritual with reusable stainless steel straws and help the planet in the process! Swap your single-use plastic consumption to a stylish, organic alternative from our range of eco-friendly shopping and storage bags and you’ll find that we have got your environmentally-friendly grocery shopping and home food storage needs covered. We even have eco-friendly lunchboxes to make sure your office break is entirely toxin-free.


The Sweet Scent of Home

Everybody loves that fresh homely smell when they walk in the door and now you can achieve that naturally and organically with our range of carefully curated soy candles, organic essential oils and natural room sprays. Have your home smelling of the fragrant aromas of sweet orange, peppermint or lemongrass in an instant without the toxins and chemicals often found in home accessories and fragrances. Sweet, fresh and entirely natural.

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Genuine Organic Brands

As an exclusive organic retailer, we’ve selected only the finest organic beauty products to be stocked in at Sassy Organics. We love supporting green Australian beauty brands, and you’ll notice that the majority of our featured brands are Australian owned and made. We select products based on their high-quality ingredients, performance and cruelty-free policies, ensuring that we cater for everyone in the family - including men and babies! If you already have an organic skincare brand that you know and love, you can easily shop their product range directly by clicking on their logo below!