How to shop sustainably

Date Posted:23 July 2017 

In an earlier post, we talked about palm oil, and why it is so important to read your labels to ensure you only buy sustainably sourced palm oil. If you feel as passionate about this issue as we do, here a 5 easy tips to help you become a sustainable shopper.


1. Shop local

When it comes to your food, locally grown produce where possible is always the superior option. Local produce means a shorter transit time from crop to plate, which ultimately means fresher food with a higher nutrient content. It also means that you are eating with the seasons, which is what nature intended. The same goes for your natural health and beauty products. Now, it’s not always possible to buy absolutely everything locally made, but where you can, choose Australian made and owned companies. By buying local products; you reduce the impact of transport on the environment. This may be a very small step, but everything counts. You will also be supporting the Australian economy, which is always a plus.


2. Buy recycled products

Many ethical companies use recyclable materials in production and packaging. Choose a brand that looks after the environment, even if it costs you a little extra. You can even go that one step further and do some Op Shopping! There is no shame in that and you are likely to find some great designs at a very reasobanle price. Ever Eco is eco concious brand that values our environment. Ever Eco produce bags are made from recycled bottles and will help you reduce plastic waste. 


3. Go natural

Choose products which are biodegradable both in the product and packaging. This will lessen the impact on our soil and water ways when you’ve finished with it. Products that are biogredable will, in most instances, will advertIse this on the product packaging. Brands with biodegradable products and packaging include The Natural Family Co. Their entire toothbush range, including packaging is biodegradable and BPA free. Wotnot baby wipes and face wipes are also 100% biodegradable and compostable. Other biodegradable products can be found here.


4. Read the label

Always check the ingredients list and stay away from products that use palm oil from an unsustainable source (if it doesn’t say sustainable, it most likely is not). Palm oil is cheap and is used in a wide range of products, such as make up, skin care and packaged foods (including ice-cream!). The clearing of forest for palm oil plantations has driven native animals and even people out of their habitat. The extensive clearing has also contributed to climate change and air, soil and water pollution. 


5. Reduce waste

Bring you own shopping bag, rather than opting for plastic bags. Carry your lunch, snacks, coffee and water in reusable containers. Use Swag bags to prolong life of your fruit and vegetable, therefore reducing food waste. The Swag is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, machine-washable, breathable bag, meaning fruit & veggies stay fresher for much longer - naturally. You can learn more about Swag Bags and their benefits here.  In addition to Swag bags, you could also use Apiwraps Eco Friendly Reusable Kitchen WrapsApiwraps are made from wax and they are easy to use. Simply wrap the item you want to store and use the warmth of your hands to seal the wrap onto itself or the item you are wrapping. They come in four different sizes and there will be no need to purcahse glad wraps anymore. Apiwraps will replace your need to use anything else to store your leftowers or to prolong the life of your fruit and vegetables. You can learn more about Apiwraps here. Ever Eco Brand is a leader in eco friendly products, randing from reusable stainless steel drinking straws to reusable stainless steel drinking cups, reusable snack boxes and reusable produce bags. If you want to take it one step further, purchase you take away coffee using reusable coffee cups, such as Joco reusable glass cups. Think about it, if you have 2 take away coffees a day, that equates to over 700 plastic cups a year. Think of this next time you get your rtake away coffee.




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