Why you need to consider eco friendly products

Date Posted:22 April 2018 

Have you ever considered what happens to your rubbish after it has left your house? If you are reading this post, you are most likely a conscious shopper, or if not, you soon will be. In Australia alone, an average family produces 2.25kg of waster every day. That’s 821.25kg of waste each year for every home in Australia! 


If waste decomposed in less than a year, this may not be such an issue, but the reality is, most of our waste will take up to 450 years to decompose. In some cases, it may never decompose! Styrophoam is one example of a waste product which will be on the earth forever.


Plastic bags vs reusable bags

A plastic bag can take between 10-20 years to decompose, but what’s even worse is many plastic bags end up in the ocean and can sadly account for many deaths of marine animals. An eco friendly bag may cost a little more initially, but by opting to bring your own reusable bag, you will be doing the planet and the lovely creatures that inhabit it a world of good. Just remember to pack your eco bag before you visit the shops. A good idea is to keep a few in the boot of your car and even a small fold up reusable shopping bag that can easily fit into your handbag. 


Eco friendly lunch boxes and eco cups

It is estimated that 1 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year in Australia. And what about all that plastic wrapping that goes into the kids lunch boxes? From a waste perspective, using eco friendly lunch boxes and eco cups can drastically limit your carbon footprint. A bento lunch box or stainless steel lunch container is also a great way to pack healthy food not only for your kids, but for your work lunches too. An added bonus to switching to eco friendly alternatives is you will naturally be reducing your chemical exposure. Sipping hot liquid from a plastic lid is a recipe for a chemical cocktail right in your mouth. Likewise for plastic food wrapping, particularly if it is exposed to heat (via the sun or a microwave).


Reusable straws

The problem with plastic straws for the most part is that they are not recycled. They are not biodegradable and we as a nation go through billions of these things each year. It may certainly not be at the forefront of your mind, but declining a plastic straw when out and about may be one of the easiest changes you can make to have a positive impact on the earth. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Grab yourself a stainless steel drinking straw or two and suck, sip and slurp your way to a healthier planet. Ever Eco On The Go Straw Kit is not only on trend but a great and easy way to have eco friendly straw with you at all times. 


Attention dog owners

Thank you for bringing along a bag to get rid of your fluff ball’s business, but can we also ask you to make sure you use biodegradable dog poop bags too?





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