Hydration is Key

It is so important to keep your skin nourished and hydrated all year round and although moisturisers and body lotions do hydrate your skin, the most nourishing natural organic skin care products have to be natural body oils.


Nourishing our Skin Naturally

Both, cold and hot weather tends to dry out the skin, so ensuring you compensate with good organic body oil is paramount. We recommend using a natural body lotions together with hydrating body oils such as coconut, argan, rosehips and vitamin e. Treat your skin with dry body oil or relaxation body oils from our carefully curated collection of organic, 100% natural and luxury body oils and feel the difference. Concious of your stretch marks? You must try SALT by Hendrix Nourish + Revive Oil For Stretch Marks & Scars as it is perfect for restoring skin cells, fighting scars and stretchmarks.

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As an exclusive organic retailer, we’ve selected only the finest organic beauty products to be stocked in at Sassy Organics. We love supporting green Australian beauty brands, and you’ll notice that the majority of our featured brands are Australian owned and made. We select products based on their high-quality ingredients, performance and cruelty-free policies, ensuring that we cater for everyone in the family - including men and babies! If you already have an organic skincare brand that you know and love, you can easily shop their product range directly by clicking on their logo below!


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