Organic body oils

Hydration is key

It is so important to keep your skin nourished and hydrated all year round and although moisturisers and body lotions do hydrate your skin, the most nourishing products for your skin would have to be organic body oils, such as organic jojoba oil. But if you are looking for something more fancy then you can't go past Butt Naked shimmer body oil.


Nourishing our skin naturally

Both, cold and hot weather tends to dry out the skin, so ensuring you compensate with good organic body oil is paramount. We recommend using organic body lotions together with hydrating body oils such as coconut, argan, rosehips and vitamin e. . Concious of your stretch marks? You must try Noosa Basics Stretch Mark Body Oil as it is perfect for restoring skin cells, fighting scars and stretchmarks.


Absolute Essential Certified Organic Jojoba Oil: Golden (50 ml)

Carrier oil, antioxidant & suitable for oil cleansing



Amazing Oils Active Magnesium Oil Spray (125 ml)

With the added benefits of wintergreen & menthol



Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel Roll-On (60 ml)

Can assist with muscular cramps, nervous tension & PMS symptoms



Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil (1 Litre)

Perfect for a small family & refilling Amazing Oils magnesium spray



Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil Spray

Can assist with muscular cramps, nervous tension & PMS symptoms

From $23.95

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Amazing Oils Magnesium Sensitive Spray (200 ml)

More friendly to those who get itchy from regular magnesium oil



Ausganica Certified Organic Beautiful Bust Massage Oil (100 ml)

Firms, tones & tightens the bust naturally



Ausganica Certified Organic Muscle Health Massage Oil (100 ml)

Relieves muscle pain, spasms, stiffness, backache & joint pain



Ausganica Certified Organic Relaxation Massage Oil (100 ml)

Relieves anxiety, tensions and promotes deep relaxation & comfort



Ausganica Certified Organic Slim & Trim Massage Oil (100 ml)

Helps boost metabolism, manage appetite, craving & lift one's mood



Biologika Relaxing Body & Bath Oil (250 ml)

Comforting aroma of lavender & ylang ylang essential oils



Biologika Uplifting Body & Bath Oil (250 ml)

Uplifting aroma of sweet orange, bergamot & grapefruit essential oils



Butt Naked Body Glow Illuminating Oil (80 ml)

Non greasy, hydrating & illuminating body oil



Butt Naked Lavender Cleansing Body & Face Oil (90 ml)

Face cleanser, oil treatment, moisturiser & makeup remover



Butt Naked Rose Body Oil (90 ml)

Super kind to sensitive, acne & sunburnt skin



Butt Naked Rosey Cheek Gift Set (2 Products)

Suitable for all skin types including dry, oily & combination skin



Butt Naked The Empress Skin Kit (3 Products)

Suitable for all skin types including dry, oily & combination skin



Cannabella La Tropica Body Serum (100 ml)

Deep hydration for skin which has seen too much sun, surf, or wind



Every Bit Organic Arnica Oil (50 ml)

Known to reduce under eye dark circles, inflammation & soothe skin



Every Bit Organic Jojoba Oil

For youthful looking, nourished & moisturised skin

From $19.95

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Mama Body Belly Oil (125 ml)

Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks



Mama Body Magnesium Spray (200 ml)

Sleep well, ease restless legs, ease cramps & back aches



Noosa Basics Stretch Mark Body Oil (100 ml)

Helps prevents the appearance of stretch marks, scars & cellulite



Pod Organics Blue Tansy & Mandarin Body Oil (100 ml)

Soothe, hydrate even the most sensitive, dry, or aging skin



Pod Organics Blue Tansy & Rosehip Pregnancy Oil (100 ml)

Can be used during pregnancy & postpartum



Pure Oil Vitamin E (50 ml)

Best for dry, aging & uneven skin



Summer Salt Body Blue Moon Face & Body Oil (100 ml)

Helps balance the oil production of your skin & combat acne

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Summer Salt Body Chamomile Dreams Face & Body Oil (100 ml)

Helps nourish & nurture tired skin



Summer Salt Body Clarity Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, lime & lemon myrtle



Summer Salt Body Energy Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

Helps to promote energy, confidence, creativity & vitality



Summer Salt Body Healing Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With mandarin, lavender, marjoram and myrrh to relax & soothe



Summer Salt Body Love Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With rose & vanilla to encourage self love



Summer Salt Body Sleep Essential Oil Roller With 24K Gold (10 ml)

With lavender, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, cedarwood & chamomile



Summer Salt Body Wild Rose Face & Body Oil (100 ml)

Helps to deeply hydrate & rejuvenate your skin



The Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba Oil

Moisturises and repairs sensitive & problem skin, including acne

From $21.95

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The Jojoba Company Calming Jojoba Oil (100 ml)

Enriched with bisabolol, moringa, chamomile, camelia & lavender oils



The Jojoba Company Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Fair trade farm, ethically grown organic jojoba

From $39.95

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The Jojoba Company Jojoba Glow Face & Body Oil (125 ml)

For face and body and is enriched with jasmine & tangerine



Vanessa Megan Bio-Omega Body Contouring Oil (100 ml)

For all skin types, especially stretch marked, scarred & dehydrated skin



Every Bit Organic Argan Oil (50 ml)

Rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and great for hair & skin


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Noosa Basics Truly Natural Intimacy Oil (100 ml)

Contains organic oils with antibacterial & anti fungal properties


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Absolute Essential Certified Organic Almond Oil Sweet: Virgin (100 ml)

Carrier oil, silky composition & suitable for sensitive skin


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Absolute Essential Certified Organic Castor Oil: Virgin (50 ml)

Carrier oil, suitable for skin hydration & recovery


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Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Body Oil (100 ml)

Nourishing multi remedial natural body with 12 therapeutic oils


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Every Bit Organic Camellia Oil (200 ml)

Cold pressed, unadulterated and great for skin & hair


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Kiwiherb Manuka Paint (20 ml)

A natural lotion to improve the appearance of the skin & nails


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Mokosh Certified Organic Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil (200 ml)

Perfect for performing Ayurvedic self massage


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Zuii Organic Certified Organic Dry Oil Tan Extender (100 ml)

Non greasy, with almond, sunflower & camellia seed oil


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