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Amazing Oils

Magnesium Oil Spray

125 ml & 200 ml

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Containing 100% pure, organically sourced magnesium chloride, from the Salt Lakes of Australia, Amazing Oils ensures that their natural magnesium oil is not only Australian made, but Australian sourced. None of that overseas stuff. If you prefer a Roll-On/Gel version (a lot of Amazing Fans do) have a look at the Amazing Magnesium Gel. Perfect for either an individual or couple, leave it next to the bed or on the bathroom bench for easy access. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and required for 1200 out of 1600 bodily functions. Only 1% of magnesium is found in the blood, the remainder is found in bone and cells. As magnesium can assist in creating energy in the body, it's best to use only on the lower body at night for relaxation and sleep. Magnesium chloride is easily assimilated and metabolized in the human body. The modern diet, with an overabundance of refined grains, processed foods and sugars contains very little magnesium. Magnesium natural relief spray can assist with muscular cramps and soreness, nervous tension, PMS symptoms, supporting bone health, promoting energy production, restoring magnesium levels.

Organically sourced magnesium chloride. Average 100 mg elemental magnesium per 5 sprays.

Start sparingly and gradually build up as required. Any reaction - apply to damp skin for first week.

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