Natural face tanners

Natural face tan

If you’re used to tanning your body, you might know what a struggle it is to have to always wear foundation to match your face with your body. Luckily, face tan was invented so that we can now easily apply a tan to our face, without being at risk of rashes or breakouts. Many fact tans come in a face tan water formula, which is lightweight and easy to apply. Wondering how to fake tan your face? It’s as simple as applying regular face cream or toner. Just use clean fingertips and sweeping motions.


The easiest way to match your body and face

We only stock vegan friendly and natural face tans. If you want to try an eco face tan water we recommend Eco Tan Face Tan Water for All Skin Types, as it’s suitable for even those with rosacea, eczema and acne. If you prefer to try a gradual tan for the face first, we recommend the Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Gradual Face Tan Lotion which has collagen and anti-ageing properties that improve the skin’s texture while producing that gradual bronze glow.


Vegan & DHA Free Instant Tan

No down time, no developing time & washes off in your next shower

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Certified Organic Flora Gradual Face Tan Lotion (50 ml)

Collagen booster, reduces fine lines & wrinkles



Certified Organic Sunkissed Tan Face Water (150 ml)

Glowing summer skin just one day after use

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Certified Organic Tan Water Mist (100 ml)

Toxin free and suitable for pregnancy & sensitive skin



Face Tan Water For All Skin Tones (100 ml)

With hyaluronic acid, suitable for rosacea, eczema & acne sufferers



Certified Organic Flora Gradual Face Tan Water (150 ml)

Light weight gel formula, boosting the collagen & elasticity


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