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Cling wrap or plastic wrap has been a household staple for decades. Single-use plastic wrap is handy for keeping food fresh, covering the lids of bowls, and wrapping up that second half of avocado you left at breakfast. But with plastic pollution, an ever-pressing concern, switching to reusable food wraps is a great way to help reduce plastic use and waste. Plus reusable food wraps are more stylish and come in lots of different patterns that will brighten up your kitchen.


Fun food wraps

Reusable food wrap usually relies on beeswax to make the sticky, pliable material. But Kikikovic, a Melbourne based brand, was one of the first to pioneer a vegan friendly alternative. Their reusable food wraps come in a range of sizes and work just as well as regular plastic wrap or beeswax reusable food wraps. If you like using cling wrap to seal the tops of bowls then you can shop for reusable food covers instead. These silicone food covers can work just like cling wrap – seal them over the edges of a bowl, open piece of fruit or any other way you like to use cling wrap as a sealer. Available in various sizes, silicone food covers are a simple swap to make to cut down on single-use plastic in your kitchen.


Certified Vegan Reusable & Compostable Food Wrap - Family Pack

Contains 2x large, 1x extra large wrap



Certified Vegan Reusable & Compostable Food Wrap - Jumbo

Contains 1x large wrap



Reusable Silicone Food Covers (6 Covers)

Seal dishes, bowls, cans, cups or fruit & vegetables



Certified Vegan Reusable & Compostable Food Wrap - Assorted Pack

Contains 1x small, 1x medium, 1x large wrap


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