Natural pregnancy and nursing tea

Mama’s cuppa

Tea is a fantastic way to promote health of the body and mind during pregnancy and early childcare. Choose from our delicious range of organic loose leaf tea blends including our mother’s milk tea that encourages healthy breastfeeding, our organic morning wellness tea to support your body during pregnancy and morning sickness, and our rich and flavoursome organic, herbal fertility tea to promote healthy conception when you want to have a child.


Baby bliss tea

At Sassy Organics, we know how important it is to make sure that everything you give to your baby is natural and of high quality, which is why recommend organic herbal baby tea during difficult time or restless nights. Mama Body Tea Baby Bliss Tea contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and C, thiamine and zinc and can help to settle and comfort your baby from symptoms of restlessness due to colic, wind or teething.


Certified Organic Women's Wellness Tea (80 g)

Rich in vitamin C and iron to nourish good blood stores

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Certified Organic Bud, Blossom Bloom Tea Gift Box With Infuser

Perfect for expecting & new mothers



Certified Organic Mother Nature Tea With Raspberry Leaf (50 g)

Pregnancy blend to calm the nerves & prepare the uterus for labour

Now from $17.96

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Certified Organic Mother Nurture Tea (60 g)

Helps maintain healthy breast milk supply & supports lactation

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Organic & Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Mama's Milk

Supports lactation & promotes healthy milk flow

From $19.95

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Organic & Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Morning Wellness

Support mamas in their early stages of pregnancy

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Organic & Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Pregnancy

Nourishing for you & your bump

From $19.95

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