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Balm vs cream

A balm is different to a lotion or cream as it contains no water. A balm is generally made from solidified oils and has a thicker consistency than a cream. One of the benefits of using a balm is that the thicker consistency means it must be massaged into your skin which helps improve blood circulation and alleviate pain or tenderness. A balm is also of great value as the lack of water means you receive potent doses of the solidified plant oils’ nutrients and you really only need a little, pea-sized amount for each application. While you might like to use regular oil, a balm is a much less messy option that delivers the same level of concentrated plant nutrients. Our range of plant-based balms has something for every skincare or lifestyle need. There’s even a balm for sleeping. Yep, a sleep balm combines the best of soothing oils and calming plants to help soothe yourself or your little one at bedtime. You can rub it into your pulse points or use it as a massage balm.  


Keep calm and apply your balm

Balms can be made from various plant oils with additional skin-loving and healing ingredients and each one serves a different purpose. A heel balm is perfect for those with rough skin on their feet and heels that they want to soften and remove. If your concerns are less about the skin and more about sore or tired muscles then a muscle rub or muscle balm is perfect. A good muscle rub or balm will have a warming sensation as you apply which will soothe your tender muscles and help alleviate pain sensations. Many mothers out there would know just how challenging breastfeeding can be – nipples can become sore, cracked and even inflamed. A nipple balm is a great, safe and all natural option to hydrate, nourish and repair nipples while breastfeeding. While you’re at it, why not pick up a baby balm for your bub. Rather than using chemical-packed conventional rash creams, a natural plant oil baby balm will help prevent and heal your baby’s skin concerns and rashes while protecting your little one’s delicate skin.


Natural Baby Balm

Perfect for nappy rash, cradle cap or rash & ideal for sensitive skin

From $14.95

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Natural Belly Balm

Promotes skin elasticity during pregnancy and prevents dryness

From $14.95

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Natural Bug Balm

Moisturising natural balm with citronella, geranium & eucalyptus

From $14.95

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Natural Calm Balm

With bergamot, mandarin, suitable for ages 2 years & up

Now from $10.47

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Natural Muscle Rub

With wintergreen, peppermint, suitable for ages 5 years & up

From $14.95

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Natural Nursing Balm

Helps breastfeeding mums to moisturise dry & cracked nipples

From $14.95

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Natural Skin Rescue Balm

With calendula, chickweed & gotu kola to protect dry or damaged skin

From $14.95

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Natural Sleep Balm

With chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, suitable for 6 months & up

From $14.95

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Natural Vapour Rub

With eucalyptus, peppermint, white camphor, rosemary, for ages 2 & up

From $14.95

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Papaya Foot & Heel Balm (50 g)

With essential oils known for their anti-fungal properties



Relax Me Collection (4 Products)

Contains calm balm, sleep balm, muscle rub & bath soak



Vapour Balm (25 g)

Gentle enough for the whole family including children over 12 months

Now $8.96

On Sale 10% OFF

Vegan Vapour Rub Adult (50 g)

Recommended from 6 years and over & suitable for sensitive skin



Vegan Vapour Rub Baby (50 g)

Recommended from newborn to 6 years & suitable for sensitive skin


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