Armpit detox

What’s an armpit detox?

Switching to a natural deodorant can be frustrating and costly for many people. Many report having odour, excessive sweating, rashes and irritation. Why? Well, not because natural deodorant is bad for you but rather because the long term use of harsh antiperspirants and deodorants can cause your armpits to become blocked and loaded with toxins, heavy metals and impurities – with no way of escaping. An armpit detox will draw out these toxins and impurities safely and help restore your underarm’s natural health, so you can start using safe deodorant.


Prep your pits

Ready to make the switch to safe, natural deodorant but want to detox first? We have a couple of favourite armpit detoxes and activated charcoal armpit detoxes to recommend you. Firstly, the KIND-LY Armpit Detox with Activated Charcoal is great for prepping your armpits for natural deodorant. So too is the Earths Purities Detox a Pit – another activated charcoal armpit detox we love.


Earths Purities Detox - A - Pit (70 g)

Takes 10 minutes a day for 7 days to successfully detox your armpits



he Armpit Detox With Activated Charcoal (100 g)

Draws out impurities & assists in the transition to natural deodorant


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