Organic pregnancy tea

Tea for the mums-to-be 

Pregnancy tea is a tea that is formulated to help pregnant mothers get all the micronutrients they need to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Most pregnancy teas are really blends of herbs and plants (rather than caffeinated teas). Pregnancy tea will often include raspberry leaf which is packed with tannins, flavonoids, volatile oils and vitamin C to help calm the body, mind and muscles. Many pregnancy teas can also be used as natural morning sickness remedies. If you suffer from nausea or need a natural remedy for morning sickness, then trying a pregnancy tea might help. The natural herbs and plant extracts in these teas will often settle a nauseous stomach and prevent the onset of nausea.


A tea for every pregnancy stage

Our range of pregnancy teas is safe to use even if you’re not pregnant and/or at any stage of your pregnancy. That said, it helps to know which pregnancy stage they’re each formulated for. Mama Body Tea makes naturopath-formulated teas to support mums (and dads) on their parenting journey. The Mama Body Tea Morning Wellness blend is one of our favourite natural morning sickness remedies as it’s designed for women in the early stages of pregnancy with organic ingredients that are proven to relieve queasiness. Another great pregnancy tea is the Organic Merchant Mother Nature Tea which supports you at all stages of pregnancy and can be used to prepare for labour.


Certified Organic Mother Nature Tea With Raspberry Leaf (50 g)

Pregnancy blend to calm the nerves & prepare the uterus for labour

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Mama Body Tea Organic & Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Morning Wellness

Support mamas in their early stages of pregnancy

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