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Every Bit Organic

Organic Shea Butter (100 g)

100 g

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Say hello to ultimate skin hydration with Every Bit Organic Shea Butter. This shea butter is harvested from the nut of the Karitè tree, indigenous to West Africa. The shea nuts undergo unique water processing to produce a pure shea butter that retains all the vital, skin benefiting nutrients. Every Bit Organic’s shea butter moisturiser is not only certified organic but 100% raw and pure. Shea butter is renowned for its hydrating and moisturising properties, which is why many use it to nourish their hair, skin and nails. Shea butter contains linoleic and oleic fatty acids that help balance oils on our skin. Plus it’s full of vitamins A, E and F which are great for antioxidants and promoting healthy skin cell production. You can apply shea butter directly to the skin as you would any other lotion or body oil. Shea butter will promote your skin’s elasticity, make it silky soft to the touch and help prevent ageing and wrinkles. If you suffer from flaky or scaly skin due to dryness then shea butter moisturiser is a great natural remedy. For hair, shea butter can be used as a conditioner but this is best for naturally curly hair types that tend to be drier. If you have thin, straight or oily hair, try adding shea butter to the ends of freshly washed hair to avoid split ends and damage. Use daily for the enviously soft skin and hair.  

100% Shea Butter

Use daily after bath. It absorbs within seconds without leaving any greasy residue.

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