Herbs, but make them fermented

What are fermented herbs? And what do you use them for? Well, for one, fermented herbs have a fresh and tangy taste because fermenting locks in all the flavour and gives them a tang from the lactic acid. during the fermenting process, a lot of the nutrients of the herbs are enhanced or even created. This means fermented herbs are high in vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, organic acids and antioxidants. Different fermented herbs can be used to heal and alleviate certain health concerns. Organic Kombucha, for example, is a well-known fermented drink that is made by fermenting tea. Organic Kombucha is grown without chemicals and pesticides and is great for naturally improving digestion.


Only the best fermented herbs

If you’re already an organic kombucha drinker and want to introduce other fermented herbs, then Grateful Harvest fermented herbs range is for you. Grateful Harvest has fermented different herbs like oregano, turmeric and milk thistle to aid in specific health concerns like liver and bladder functioning, or cholesterol and inflammation. Milk thistle is a traditional herb thought to have originated in Southern Europe, parts of Asia and the Mediterranean. This prickly herb can protect your life, stimulate liver regeneration, assist in disposing of toxins and promote a healthy liver and gall bladder function. If you’re looking for Milk Thistle Australia, the Grateful Harvest liquid one is easy to take and digest.

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