Bass Brushes

Bass Brushes have been used and recommended by hair stylists everywhere. Their top quality bristle and craftsmanship have proven their durability even under the most demanding professional use. Daily brushing with a Bass hair brush will help to improve the condition, giving you healthy looking hair. Blow drying with a Bass styling brush will allow you to create your favourite hair styles. Blow drying with a Bass round brush will give added body and fullness to every hair style. Bass dry brush is ideal for dry body brushing, helping you improve circulation and minimise cellulite.


Bass Body Care 100% Natural Volcano Rock

Rub away dead skin or callused areas on hands, feet & body



Bass Body Care Sisal Deluxe Knitted Hand Glove Firm

Used to gently exfoliate, stimulate circulation & cleanse the skin



Bass Body Care Sisal Soap Holder Pouch with Drawstring

Perfect for wet or dry use & suitable for all skin types



Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Brush Large Oval

Size (22 cm x 6.5 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Brush Large Square Paddle

Size (24 cm x 8.5 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Brush Professional

Size (21 cm x 4 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Brush Semi S Shaped

Size (23 cm x 6 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Brush Small Oval

Size (19 cm x 5.5 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Medium Wide Tooth Hair Comb

Size (15 cm x 6.5 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Pocket Size Fine Tooth Hair Comb

Size (12 cm x 3 cm)



Bass Brushes Bamboo Wide & Fine Tooth Hair Comb

Size (18.5 cm x 5 cm)



Bass Brushes Dry Skin Bamboo Body Brush with Long Handle

Medium bristle perfect for all skin types. For wet or dry use


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