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Aaron and Phoebe (husband and wife from Newcastle NSW) are self-confessed mix-a-holics. They’ll mix or blend whatever it is they can get our hands on. Aaron had always struggled with using deodorants as they caused irritation, usually uncomfortable redness and itchiness. There was only one brand that he could use but it was far from natural. Being the health-obsessed fellow he was, of course he ditched it and went searching for a natural deodorant.

Aaron’s experience was the same as most people looking for natural deodorants. They performed very poorly with all the usual complaints. They were wet and sticky, didn’t work long enough and didn’t smell that great. In the end he had to go au naturale and be constantly self-conscious about smelling of B.O. It took months of looking for another suitable ingredient but the smelly cosmetic formulator never stopped looking. Aaron wasn’t willing to compromise anything, it had to be cruelty free (more difficult to find than you might think!), vegan, and truly effective at the same time as being gentle. 

Finally he found the silver bullet and work started on finding the perfect balance of ingredients that would create the most underarm friendly deodorant the sensitive people of planet Earth had ever seen. He knew he was on the final straight and nothing was going to stop him. Not even a week or two nursing irritated underarms. He eventually found the ideal balance. Aaron put it in a jar and called it the Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste. And he was never smelly again. It may look like a just a jar of deodorant but what’s inside is a result of 36+ years of deodorant frustration and 5 years of self-obsessed learning.

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