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Whilst living in Europe back in 2007, Mark (co founder of Phytality Nutrition) began heavily researching Omega 3 EPA & DHA and plant based alternatives to fish and krill oil. This research inspired Mark to become a vegetarian and motivated him to find innovative solutions for providing consumers with a natural vegan wholefood alternative to fish and krill, for obtaining Omega 3 EPA or DHA oils. Mark has since invested and worked at a senior level the past ten years with some of Europe’s leading phytoplankton biotech innovators to bring such a product solution to consumers. His business partner, Craig as an avid scuba diver and marine conservationist, is excited about the potential for phytoplankton to offer plant-based alternatives to krill oil and fish oil.


Phytality Nutrition ULTANA Phytoplankton Capsules

Plant based source of Omega 3, vegan alternative to fish & krill oil

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Phytality Nutrition ULTANA Phytoplankton Powder

Plant based source of Omega 3, vegan alternative to fish & krill oil

From $39.95

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