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Why you should switch to natural and organic deodorant

Date Posted:1 October 2021 

Many people choose natural and organic deodorant because of the health concerns surrounding chemical deodorant and antiperspirant. Whether you believe the link between aluminium-based deodorants and breast cancer, natural deodorant is the best option if you don’t want to disrupt your body’s natural toxin-releasing system: sweating. Natural deodorant also works. You just need to know which ones to look out for and how to make the switch. If you’re looking for natural deodorant Australia, then use this guide to get started.    

What’s the difference between natural deodorant and regular?

The main difference is the absence of chemicals in a natural deodorant. Regular deodorants tend to have a long list of ingredients with multiple chemicals. Many deodorants are also antiperspirant deodorants. If your deodorant boasts being sweat/moisture-reducing, then it’s likely got aluminium-based ingredients that temporarily block your pores to stop sweat. . A natural deodorant, however, ditches the aluminium, alcohol and other chemicals for natural, plant-based extracts that help with odour and moisture absorption. These include Bi-carb, arrowroot, coconut oil and essential oils.


Is deodorant or antiperspirant bad for you?

There are mixed positions on whether chemical-based deodorants and antiperspirants can be bad for your health. The concern with antiperspirants is that they use aluminium-based compounds that actively block sweat pores to reduce the amount of perspiration/sweat that reaches your skin. There’s a concern that if the skin absorbs these aluminium compounds, they can affect the estrogen receptors in breasts and increase the risk of breast cancer. The concern with chemical-based deodorants is that they use harsh, synthetic chemicals and fragrances to mask the scent or odour. There’s a concern that ingredients like ‘fragrance’, triclosan, parabens and aluminium can be absorbed by the body and disrupt its normal functioning. Or, at the very least, that they can irritate your delicate underarm skin. No matter your position on the link between antiperspirant and chemical deodorant to serious health issues, natural deodorant remains a safe and effective option.

Do natural deodorants actually work?

Natural deodorants can be just as effective as their chemical and aluminium-based counterparts. The trick is finding a good one and, more importantly, the right one for you. That said, you can’t expect that natural deodorant will work the same as an antiperspirant deodorant. Natural deodorant won’t stop your sweat. But it can help with the smell associated with sweat. Our armpits create a warm environment for bacteria to live, when we sweat those bacteria eats the moisture and the waste generated from this process is what causes the odour associated with sweat. As gross as it may sound, this process can help give us a boost against infections and is, naturally, supposed to be there (like the bacteria in our gut). Antiperspirants alter this armpit ecosystem and can lead to increased body odour in the long run. How? By preventing the sweat you might cause an increase in new and different bacteria which can be even smellier than before.

Natural deodorants work just as well at masking the scent of any bad odour. However, some might not be strong enough for you. If you sweat a lot then we suggest using a deodorant stick that has an absorbing ingredient like arrowroot or Bi-carb. If you are worried about smell then we suggest using a deodorant stick that’s enriched with probiotics to actively help with the odour-producing process.


How long does it take for your body to adjust to natural deodorant?

It can take up to 30 days for your body to regulate itself after switching to natural deodorant. Using an armpit detox product can help speed up this process and reduce the smell associated with the transition from chemical to natural deodorant. Part of the issue when switching to natural deodorants is that your body has a lot of toxins and built-up sweat from the pores being blocked or the armpit’s microbiome being altered. The increase in odour and sweat when you switch to natural deodorant isn’t often the failure of the deodorant but the shock and after-effects of stopping using antiperspirant-deodorant.  

How do you detox your armpits naturally?

An armpit detox helps draw out toxins and unclog the pores faster. Most detoxes will use bentonite clay which helps draw out toxins, reduces body odour, encourages lymphatic drainage and gets rid of the build-up of antiperspirant in the pores. One of our favourite armpit detoxes is the KIND-LY Armpit Detox with Activate Charcoal.


What is the best all-natural deodorant for sensitive skin?

Bi-carb is a common ingredient in natural deodorant for its moisture-absorbing and odour-masking properties. However, those with sensitive skin can have sensitivities to Bi-carb, leading to rashes or irritation. There are plenty of Bi-carb free deodorant options for those with sensitive skin. If you still want an absorbing deodorant then we suggest looking for ones with similar power-based ingredients like arrowroot or natural, plant starches as these ingredients are designed to absorb sweat. One of our favourite brands for natural, Bi-carb free deodorants is Noosa Basics. Their range is all Bi-carb free, using only natural plant extracts and tapioca to reduce moisture and odour. Plus Noosa Basics deodorant comes in all forms including pastes, roll-ons and deodorant spray.

Our top five natural deodorants

So, you’re ready to make the switch and start looking for natural deodorant Australia? Our range of natural deodorants has something for everyone – whether you’re a deodorant stick, roll-on or deodorant spray person we’ve got you covered. If you want to learn more about our top deodorants, watch founder Aida's video on her top three deodorant choices. 

1. Woohoo Deodorant

Woohoo deodorant is great for those wanting a strong, odour-masking and moisture-absorbing deodorant to see them through the busy days. The Woohoo deodorant stick range is founder Aida’s favourite for when she does Bickham yoga as it keeps her smelling fresh, despite the heat. Her favourite deodorant stick scent from Woohoo is ‘Wild’ – cedarwood with citrus notes.

2. Black Chicken Deodorant

Black Chicken Deodorant comes in a paste and is made with organic ingredients, and absolutely no nasties. The Black Chicken deodorant – Axilla comes contains essential oils to reduce bacteria and odour. Plus, there’s the Black Chicken deodorant paste in ‘Barrier Booster’ for those with sensitive skin. This is Bi-carb free and actively works to heal a sensitive and broken skin barrier.  

3. Mr Pitt's Deodorant 

Mr Pitts Natural Vegan Deodorant is our top pick for men’s deodorant. These men’s deodorant pastes are formulated to combat heavier sweating and accommodate an active day. This men’s deodorant uses arrowroot and coconut oil to promote a healthy bacteria balance and reduce moisture. Plus it’s made using organic ingredients and contains no aluminium, parabens or hidden nasties.  

4. KIND-LY Deodorant Roll-On

KIND-LY Deodorant Roll-ons are great staples for everyday wear. They're infused with magnesium and probiotics to boost your armpit health, they roll on clear and come in a range of beautiful natural scents. They’re also compact and easy to take with you for a refresh on the go.  Founder Aida's favourite scent is 'Cypress and Sandalwood'! 

5. Noosa Basics Deodorant Spray

The Noosa Basics deodorant spray is the replacement for aerosol deodorant – much safer for the planet and your skin. Noosa Basics deodorant spray is great for those who are used to aerosol deodorants or who want something that’s easy to take for a refresh on the go. A natural deodorant spray doesn’t release toxins into the air and it acts as an all-natural body mist to keep you smelling amazing. The Noosa Basics Deodorant Spray range is also Bi-carb free and available in lots of amazing fragrances.