Are all natural deodorants the same?

Date Posted:25 August 2019 

Unlike commercial deodorants, natural deodorant ingredients do not contain aluminium, the main ingredient that blocks sweat glands preventing perspiration. As such, natural deodorants don’t typically keep you bone dry, however, the antibacterial agents such as bicarb soda and essential oils reduce odour caused by bacteria on the skin that breakdowns sweat. Some natural deodorants do help to reduce sweat production, keeping you dryer than most aluminium free alternatives. 


Types of natural deodorants


Roll on

Most natural deodorant stick and roll-on’s contain bicarb soda (sodium bicarbonate), witch hazel and essential oils. These ingredients help to neutralise bacteria produced from sweat which contributes to body odour. A natural deodorant which is also aluminium free does not block the sweat glands, meaning your body is free to release toxins naturally. However, if you prefer a roll-on but can't handle the bicarb, then you should try Noosa Basics Bicarb Free Roll On or Earths Purities Pure For Her Bicarb Free Deodorant Roll On. These natural deodorant roll-on's contain organic tapioca and Australian kaolin, which help to absorb the moisture while allowing you to sweat and release toxins.


Deodorant paste

These work like a natural deodorant antiperspirant in keeping you dry, yet unlike an aluminium based deodorant they don’t block sweat glands. Natural deodorant with charcoal, tapioca starch, diatomaceous earth, kaolin and bentonite clay absorbs moisture before it has a chance to breed bacteria causing an odour. If you are keen to try a deodorant paste, Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste is a must have. This was one of the first deodorant pastes developed and we call it 'the original' deodorant paste. It is available in a mini size, if you want to sample it first. Axilla deodorant paste is also available in two types, Original formula and Barrier Booster, which is bicarb free and more suitable for sensitive skin types and those allergic to bicarb. If you like the idea of deodorant paste, but don't want to stick your fingers in a jar,  Noosa Basics and Acure have come up with a perfect combination, to suit all - deodorant paste stick



Usually containing witch hazel and essential oils, a deodorant spray will help to reduce odour in the same way as a roll-on. The benefit of using a spray is that the application is easy and hygienic. It is a good option to keep in your handbag or gym bag for a quick spritz to keep you smelling fresh without touching the bacteria on the skin. Natural sprays are more difficult to find and most sprays will, more often than not (especially supermarket brands) contain aluminium and we know that aluminium is not good for us as it blocks the sweat glands trapping the bacteria in your armpits. 


​ Bicarb free deodorants 

If you find your natural deodorant causing rash, you may be sensitive to the sodium bicarbonate. While natural deodorants are more gentle than aluminium-based antiperspirant’s, bicarb soda and some essential oils can cause a natural deodorant armpit rash in those with highly sensitive and reactive skin. If you find that a natural deodorant still irritates your underarms, a natural deodorant without baking soda such as the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster is the perfect option to reduce moisture and odour, keeping you feeling fresh and your skin calm. A natural deodorant unscented variety is suitable if you find fragrance irritating to the skin. 


New to natural deodorants? 

If you have been using an aluminium based antiperspirant deodorant and want to make the change to natural deodorants, you will get best results by doing an armpit detox first. By continually blocking sweat glands, one of the body’s natural detox systems, you may find that when you switch to natural deodorants your perspiration rate increases exponentially while it adjusts. By detoxing first, natural deodorant brands and organic fragrances will be more effective. Natural deodorant benefits the skin by allowing it to breathe and release toxins as it was designed to do. As deodorants without aluminium are so personal and are often a bit more of an investment than the commercial brands you might be used to, ordering a few samples to find a natural deodorant that works for you is a good idea for natural newbies.




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Really helpful!

By: on 24 October 2019
I love the armpit detox advice. I will be trying that, before trying a natural deodorant again. Thank you so much.

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