Our top 3 natural deodorants

Date Posted:9 September 2021 

Choosing a natural deodorant can be hard. Not every natural deodorant works and those that do might not be right for you. But natural deodorant is the best way to stay fresh without harming our health. Use the following guide and video to get you started with natural deodorants.

Founder Aida's top 3 natural deodorants 
1. Woohoo All Natural Deodorant and Anti-chafe sticks

These deodorant sticks are great for those active days where you need a deodorant that's high strength and long-lasting. Aida loves using these on the days she does Bickram Yoga, especially in the fragrance 'Wild'.

2. KIND-LY Deodorant Roll-On

These roll-ons are great staples for everyday wear. They're infused with magnesium and probiotics to boost your armpit health, they roll on clear and come in a range of beautiful natural scents. Aida's favourite is 'Cypress and Sandalwood'! 

3. Noosa Basics Deodorant Spray

The Noosa Basics deodorant spray is the replacement for aerosol deodorant – much safer for the planet and your skin. These sprays are Aida's favourite for taking on the go as you can easily use them to top up and refresh throughout the day. 


Natural deodorant basics: Antiperspirant vs deodorant

Perspiration, or sweat, is a natural bodily process that involves releasing liquid from our sweat glands. Sweating helps our body regulate its temperature and stay cool. Sometimes our sweat can smell bad; this typically happens when sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin or our clothes, or when we’ve eaten a certain type of food like garlic. For this reason, most of us wear a deodorant to mask the smell of our sweat and ensure we stay fresh all day long. You might be wondering what the difference is between antiperspirant and deodorant. We often use them interchangeably but in actual fact, they’re not the same thing. An antiperspirant actually reduces your sweat by blocking your eccrine/sweat glands. A deodorant, on the other hand, masks the smell of your sweat but it doesn’t prevent you from sweating. So, is it better to use deodorant or antiperspirant? Here at Sassy Organics, we believe deodorant is the safer option. Antiperspirants often use aluminium to prevent your sweating, which has been linked to serious health concerns and the disruption of natural bodily systems. That said, not all deodorants are made the same. And some deodorants can contain harmful chemicals. That’s why we recommend switching to a natural deodorant.  


Why choose a natural deodorant? 

Endocrine disruptors are ingredients or chemicals that can disrupt our body’s natural functioning. Conventional, non-natural deodorants often contain a few potential endocrine disruptors like parabens, aluminium, triclosan, phthalates and fragrance. This is particularly worrying considering how our skin has been shown to absorb many of the ingredients in chemical deodorants. Research has shown some compounds in deodorants can be absorbed and stored in our underarms’ fat cells and that our underarm tissue can contain hormone receptors that could react to some of the ingredients in your deodorant. The main reason for switching to a natural deodorant is that it’s less likely to be absorbed by our body and less likely to disrupt our hormones, bodily functions and lead to serious health issues. Natural deodorant is a deodorant that uses natural, non-chemical ingredients to mask odour and keep your underarms dry and fresh. Natural deodorants use plant extracts and simple ingredients like starches, coconut oil and plant extracts – meaning they don’t have the same risk of disrupting your natural body functions.


Do natural deodorants work?

The biggest concern with natural deodorants is that they’re not as effective as their chemical counterparts. Natural deodorants do work. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. When you switch to natural deodorant your body is suddenly able to release all the sweat that built up when you used sweat-blocking chemical- and aluminium-based products. This can cause your underarms to smell worse than usual, but this adjustment phase is temporary. You might like to try an armpit detox to help your underarms adjust. If you find that you’re still experiencing BO after a month or two using natural deodorant then try a different formula. Not all-natural deodorants are created equal. If you’re not sensitive to it, then bi-carb-based deodorants tend to be very effective at reducing odour and moisture.



Can you get cancer from deodorant?

One of the major concerns with aluminium-based deodorants is that they can cause cancer. Several studies have linked frequent exposure to high levels of aluminium to adverse effects like Alzheimer’s Disease and breast cancer. But many studies have debunked the claim that the level of aluminium in deodorant can increase the risk of cancer. Whether you deem aluminium a risk for your health is entirely up to you. We only stock chemical and aluminium-free deodorants as we believe the least amount of chemicals, we expose our skin to, the better.  


Choosing a natural deodorant

Looking for natural deodorant Australia? There are many brands and formulas of natural deodorant you might like to try. When shopping for natural deodorant Australia, you’re bound to come across Woohoo deodorant. Woohoo Body makes its deodorants from all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Woohoo deodorant uses shea butter, coconut oil and bicarb to keep you feeling (and smelling) your freshest. You might be worried about the convenience of a natural deodorant. It used to be true that most natural deodorants only came as pastes or bars, but this is no longer true. You can still enjoy the convenience of a deodorant stick when you switch to natural deodorant. A natural deodorant stick often uses plastic-free packaging too, which makes it better for both your pits and the planet.


Natural deodorant and sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin might struggle with the bicarb found in some natural deodorants. Bi-carb is a great odour-neutraliser, but it can irritate sensitive skin, causing reactions and rashes. Our armpits can be particularly sensitive, so it just depends on how yours react. Luckily if you are one of those people who needs bi-carb free deodorant, there are plenty of options. Noosa Basics is an Australian brand that specialises in organic, all-natural and bi-carb free deodorants. Noosa Basics deodorants come in a range of scents, and formulas – from pastes and roll-ons to deodorant spray. The Noosa Basics deodorant spray is great for those who are used to aerosol deodorants or who want something that’s easy to take for a re-fresh on the go. A natural deodorant spray doesn’t release toxins into the air and it acts as an all-natural body mist to keep you smelling amazing.





Woohoo Body All Natural Deodorant & Anti Chafe Stick Wild (60 g)

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KIND-LY The Armpit Detox With Activated Charcoal (100 g)

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Noosa Basics Aluminium Free Deodorant Paste Rose & Frankincense (50 g)

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Noosa Basics Aluminium Free Roll On Deodorant Coconut & Lime (50 ml)

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