Do you know what's hiding in your tanning products?

Date Posted:5 October 2016 

Spring is here! The sun is out, flowers are blooming and it’s finally getting warm enough to wear all your beautiful spring dresses. However, the cold winter months have left you looking pale… Thank goodness fake tan was invented!! But do you really know what you’re putting on your skin? Commercial fake tans contain a cocktail of dangerous chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and circulated throughout the entire body via the blood.


Have you ever heard of xenohormones?

Probably not. They are synthetic hormones which are found in plastics, car exhaust, nail polish, sunscreen, cosmetics, creams and soaps. Xenohormones can have a negative impact on endocrine issues such as endometriosis, PMS, cysts in the breasts and ovaries, hormone dis-regulation and even infertility. We are exposed to thousands of these chemicals daily, and unfortunately it’s impossible to live a life in this day and age completely chemical free.


Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

DHA is the chemical used in fake tans to turn the skin a darker colour. The chemically made DHA, not to be confused with docosahexaenoic acid (an essential fatty acid found in fish) which also goes by the acronym DHA, has been shown in lab testing to damage and change cell DNA. This means that the risk of cancers is increased. In particular, commercial spray tans or aerosol tanning bottles have an even larger risk, as the DHA particles are not only absorbed through the skin, but also through mucous membranes (eyes and mouth) and inhaled, where the chemical can lodge in the lungs. This may increase the risk of asthma and lung cancer. These chemicals may also cause skin rashes in some. Which is actually a good thing, because it’s an obvious sign that the product is toxic and you shouldn’t be using it. Pretty scary stuff hey? The good news is, you can significantly reduce your exposure to these chemicals by choosing natural and organic skin care and in particular natural fake tan.


Discovery of Eco Tan

Over the years I have tried many fake tans including commercial and organic brands. The trouble I’ve had with many natural brands is the colour has not been as rich or long lasting as the chemical ridden ones. Much to my delight, I discovered Eco Tan! I have had no issues with streakiness, no smelly odour, no stains on sheets and clothing and a beautiful deep glowing tan that lasts much longer than others I’ve used. The DHA used in Eco Tan range is organic certified from natural non GMO vegetable sources. Having been scientifically tested specifically for carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, it has been approved as safe for application on the skin. The FDA in America has approved natural DHA as non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and therefore safe for use in cosmetics.


New kid on the block

Zuii Organic has been known for years to produce the most amazing and nourishing certified organic makeup, but could they have done more? Of course they could. They have spent years developing their new certified organic tanning range, that is also vegan and cruelty free. Zuii Organic self tanners are made with real flowers, hence the name 'flora' in their product descriptions. Organic bamboo juice, calendula, sunflower, marshmallow, witch hazel, lemon peel, she butter and cucumber are just some of the ingredients used in their certified organic tanning products. One thing is for sure - these beautiful and natural self tanners are not going to contain any of the chemicals found in commercial tans and they are unlikely to block your pores which can cause breakouts.


DHA Free Self Tanner

However, if you  prefer to have a natural tan that is completely DHA free, we recommend you try Aussie Bronze DHA Free Instant Tan. This beauty is completely DHA free, vegan and toxin free. You don't have to wait for a tan to develop, you simply apply it and off you go. What wonderful news for those chasing sun kissed skin without the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays or dangerous chemicals! You can read more about our certified organic, toxic free and vegan Eco Tan natural tanning range and Aussie Bronze DHA free tan.





Eco Tan Invisible Tan For Medium To Olive Skin Tones (150 ml)

Delivers a beautiful, golden bronze glow in just one application



Eco Tan Winter Skin For Fair To Medium Skin Tones (200 ml)

Best gradual tanner that is perfect for your face & body



Eco Tan Face Tan Water For All Skin Tones (100 ml)

With hyaluronic acid, suitable for rosacea, eczema & acne sufferers


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Eco Tan Cacao Firming Self Tanning Mousse For All Skin Tones (125 ml)

A luxurious deep bronze tan in just one application



Aussie Bronze Vegan & DHA Free Instant Tan

No down time, no developing time & washes off in your next shower

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Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Self Tanning Foam Medium (200 ml)

Delivering a natural golden tan for up to 7-10 days



Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Gradual Face Tan Water (150 ml)

Light weight gel formula, boosting the collagen & elasticity



Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Gradual Body Tan Lotion (250 ml)

Lightly scented with fresh citrus, vanilla & bergamot


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