All you need to know about Eco Tan tanning products

Date Posted:21 January 2018 

With so many tanning products on the market, no wonder it is hard to know where to go and what products to buy. At the end of the day, everyone has one common goal and that is to look and feel good, but why not also add the benefits of using products which are chemical free and which will nourish and heal your skin and assist with skin condition. Yes, that's right. At Sassy Organics, we love products that really work, so that you get what you paid for. In addition, these natural tanning products will help you in the long run, by soothing rather than causing harm to your skin.



Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya are certified by The Organic Food Chain (OFC) under the Australian government’s organic and bio dynamic standards. Australian certifiers have the highest and strictest standards in the world – allowing no GMO or synthetics through when certifying a product. Both, Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya are also certified Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. To be certified by the OFC means that each product must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients and the rest must be natural. Most of Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya products are above the 90% certified organic ingredient mark. Certified organic covers everything you would expect in an ethically produced product, including being free range, cruelty free, socially responsible and grown without genetic modifications, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides and herbicides. It also means that we undergo annual company audits to ensure we are complying with the strict requirements of the OFC. The main difference between certified organic and just being 'natural' is that certified organic products require at least 70% of the ingredients to be certified organic (as mentioned above) and the remaining ingredients must be natural. Anyone can claim to produce a natural product if even only one of their ingredients is natural. This can be misleading to the consumer and we always encourage people to do their own research before purchasing.


Main difference between Eco Tan Self Tanners?

1. Winter Skin is recommended for fair to medium skin tones

It is a gradual tanning moisturiser that builds with applications to create your desired glow. It can also help extend the life of your spray tan.

2. Invisible Tan is recommended for medium to olive skin tones

It is an express self-tanning creme that applies like your moisturiser and develops in 8 hours for a beautiful honey bronze glow.

3. Cacao Firming Mousse is suitable for all skin tones
It is an express lightweight mousse that applies easily and evenly. You can shower 1-8 hours after application depending on your desired depth of tan. It delivers a luxurious deep earthy bronze tone.

4. Hempitan Body Tan Water is suitable for all skin tones
Is a certified organic Express 1 hour application Body Tanning Water that delivers a dark long lasting tan. It contains Hemp Seed Extract that is known for its phenomenal skin moisturising properties for your longest lasting tan yet.


Eco Tan Face Water

This is a recent edition to Eco Tan range and there is so much to love about this product. It is perfect for your daily skin care routine, especially if you want to get through the long winter with a gorgeous natural tan. It's easy to apply and it dries instantly so you won't have to worry about staining your bed sheets. You may use your favourite moisturiser after your face tan water, but it is not necessary as Eco Tan Face Water has hydrating properties  and vitamin C to promote the appearance of younger looking skin.

This magic product also has anti ageing and anti acne formulation and will even complexion and brighten skin tone. Do we need to say more? For $34.95 your skin will receive a treatment and a gorgeous tan at the same time. Since you only need to use a small amount of product, the entire bottle should get you through the entire winter. Most importantly Eco Tan Face Water is vegan, certified cruelty free and made with natural & organic ingredients, certified by the OFC under Australian Government Organic & Bio-Dynamic standards & requirements.  Eco Tan Face Tan Water includes caprylyl/capryl wheat, bran/straw glycosides and fusel wheat bran/straw glycosides which include starting materials deriving from wheat. These are certified as gluten free.


How do I apply Face Tan Water to get the best results?


What order do you use the skin care and how does Face Tan Water fit in?

It is recommend only using the Super Acai Exfoliator once or twice a week and the day before you use Face Tan Water for the first time and use Face Compost Mask once a week. But for the others here’s how we recommend you use them for best results..

  1. Use Super Citrus Cleanser daily morning and/or night.

  2. Use Face Tan Water next just like a toner onto dry skin. Apply 24 hours after using Super Acai Exfoliator or Face Compost Mask. Use a few days in a row to build up to your desired colour and then 2-3 times per week to keep the same lovely glow (see our website for more tips/directions for this one)

  3. Wait for Face Tan Water to dry well.

  4. Spray one mist of Super Fruit Toner directly onto clean, dry skin morning and/or night after cleansing to face, neck and beyond. Let it dry before applying any other products. TIP: Spray on top of makeup to set and refresh during the day.

  5. Apply a few dots about the size of a grain of rice  of Eye Compost to each eye contour morning and/or night and massage in.

  6. Next is Super Fruit Hydrator daily morning and/or night, just make sure you wait until Face Tan Water is dry before apply so as not to dilute the effect.

  7. Last use Glory Oil daily morning and/or night.


Eco Tan Winter Skin

Eco Tan Winter Skin was my first ever Eco Tan product some 6 years ago. For someone with fair complexion, this was the best solution to achieve a natural tan, without looking orange and patchy. This product is best suited for fair to medium skin tones and you can build a gorgeous honey glow after a few applications. Eco Tan Winter Skin will nourish your skin (as it contains rose flowers) while developing your tan as you sleep. Where else can you get this? 

Although you can use Eco Tan Winter Skin on your body and face, I would highly recommend using Eco Tan Face Water for your face due to added benefits of vitamin C. Priced at $29.95, this is less than what you would pay for at salon tanning session, which will last approximately 4-5 days. With Eco Tan Winter Skin you will get multiple uses, so depending on how often you use it (every day or every second, third day) your weekly tan regime may work out to be around $5. Don't forget, this product will tan and nourish you skin, so it's like having 2 in 1 products. Eco Tan Winter Skin is also vegan, certified cruelty free and made with natural & organic ingredients, certified by the Organic Food Chain under Australian Government Organic & Bio-Dynamic standards and requirements.


Eco Tan Invisible Tan

This little beauty is very similar (in terms of smell and feel) to Eco Tan Winter Skin, however it is more suited for those with medium to olive skin tones. Eco Tan Invisible Tan is a Winner of BEST natural fake tan in Natural Health International Beauty Awards and we are not surprised. It provides a glowing sun kissed tan whilst containing no nasties. It is vegan, certified cruelty free and made with natural & organic ingredients certified by the Organic Food Chain under Australian Government Organic & Bio-Dynamic standards and requirements.

At $34.95 it will get you through those long winter days, feeling good and tanned.  It is no surprise that we feel more confident and that everything (from your clothes to your make up) looks and feels better when you have a bit of tan. It is much cheaper than professional tanning whilst giving you a professional looking tan.


Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse

Personally, this is my favourite product in the entire store. The smell of the product is amazing (cacao and orange) and it literally makes you want to eat it. I have never come across a tan that smells so beautiful and which gives you a natural tan in 1 hr.  Wash it off 1 hour after application for a light coffee complexion or leave up to 4 hours for a stunning deep bronze tan. After showering, a light colour will appear but the tan will continue to develop up to 48 hours. It's suitable for all skin tones and it might be the best product you buy this winter, or ever!

In addition to looking gorgeous, Eco Tan Cacao Mousse contains certified organic coffee, blood orange, ginger & mandarin, which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and promotes smooth skin. Who wouldn't want that? Priced at $34.95, Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse will give you value for its money. Don't stress about the event or function that's coming up. With Mousse, you will always be tan ready. Apply it in the morning and be tan ready that evening.



Hempitan is the latest tanning product in Eco Tan range. It is slightly similar to Face Tan Water, although it is a body tan, rather than a face tan. It provides a great tan, with only 1 hour application. The tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours. Using the application mitt is highly recommended for an even and sun kissed tan. Hempitan is also vegan, certified cruelty free and made with natural & organic ingredients, certified by the Organic Food Chain under Australian Government Organic & Bio-Dynamic standards and requirements.


Is Hempitan ok for fair skin?

Yes, Hempitan is suitable for all skin types. We always recommend a patch test. Visit your nearest stockist to do a test. There are before and afters on our website to give you a better idea. Individual results vary.


Can this be used on your face?

Hempitan is a Body Tan Water designed to use on the body, Face Tan Water is specifically designed for use on the face. Both are non-comedogenic and contain hyaluronic. Perfect partners.


Is it like Face Tan Water?

No, Hempitan is a one application express self-tan designed for your body that lasts up to 7-10 days. Face Tan Water is a subtle gradual tanning toner specifically created for your face that you build over a few applications.


Can you leave Hempitan on for longer than 1 hour?

Yes, you can. It’s formulated to wash off after 1 hour though, however results may vary if left up to 4 hours.


I have had Hempitan on for 1 hour and there is no colour change

As a certified organic tan it contains no artificial or synthetic dyes that stain the skin so after wash off your tan will develop for up to 24 hours after. It’s a wash and wear tan with a 1 hour application method.


What's the best way to apply Hempitan?

Use your hands or the smooth gold side of our dual sided mitt as it was created specifically to apply our organic tanning waters. It won’t soak up too much liquid and gives you a professional application every time. Apply a generous amount directly onto skin starting at you ankles and rubbing in each area with our mitt as you go working your way up slowly. Wash your hands afterwards thoroughly.


My tan is streaky/patchy

Application is key. Make sure the tan has an even surface to adhere to. Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior with our exfoliating glove. Apply an even amount of tan to all areas. Go slow so you don’t miss any bits.


What is the benefit of using hemp seed extract?

Hemp Seed Extract is known to help relieve skin irritation & provides moisture which helps provide a long lasting tan. It’s high in Omegas & non-comedogenic, so it won’t block your pores.


Is hemp seed extract like marijuana?

No, they are just both part of the cannabis family. Eco Tan use organic hemp seed extract that does not contain any of the sedative or narcotic properties that are characteristic of marijuana.


Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant Glove

Don't forget your Extreme Exfoliant Glove to remove dead skin cell layers and old tan to reveal fresh smooth skin. This product is great for preparing your skin for tanning, however it can be used any time. Overall, this little miracle worker effectively unclogs pores, aids in the reduction of acne, blackheads, milia and even cellulite! For $19.95 it is a great investment, which will last you for months/years to come (depends how often of how little you use it).


How long will my tan last?

Your tan should last between 7-10 days depending on how you look after it. It is recommend moisturising daily to prolong your tan and the use of Winter Skin is recommended to both moisturise and enhance your tan for longer.


Can I swim in my tan?

Of course! Please be aware that chlorine, other chemicals and heating used in some swimming pools may decrease the life of your tan.


Can I prolong my tan?

Yes, though it depends on skin types and tones when gauging how often you’ll need to reapply. We generally find that 1 application can last up to 10 days.


Are you vegan friendly?

Absolutely! Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya tanning and body care range is 100% vegan friendly and Eco by Sonya sunscreen range is 100% vegetarian, although Sassy Organics does not stock sunscreen as we are vegan only store.


Do you test on animals?

No way! Eco tan and Eco by Sonya are passionate advocates for animal protection and are certified by Choose Cruelty Free and Licensed by PETA to guarantee that their products and ingredients have never been tested on animals.


Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all Eco tan and Eco by Sonya products are gluten free. The wheat in their professional solutions is gluten free as it is a derivative of wheat and does not contain the gluten protein.


What is the expiry of your products?

Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya tanning and body care range have an expiry of one year after opening.


Is your packaging recyclable?

It sure is! All Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya tan and body products are housed in recyclable bottles and tubes.




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