Zuii Organic foundation guide: find your perfect match

Date Posted:7 May 2021 


Zuii Organic are pioneers in clean and green beauty; their range of botanical-infused foundations and powders are certified organic and all-natural. If you also want to "wear flowers on your face" but struggle to buy makeup online, then this guide is for you.


Zuii Organic liquid foundations

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Lux Luminescent Foundation

Say hello to fresh, glowing skin with this lightweight liquid foundation. This certified vegan formula offers a naturally lightweight coverage that you can build to medium with a beautiful dewy finish that won't clog pores. The organic skin-loving additions like rose flowers, sunflower, bamboo juice, bulbine fructose jeaf juice not only rejuvenate your skin with each application but also naturally boost your collagen. The Zuii Organic Lux Luminescent Foundation is perfect for those who simply want to enhance their natural complexion and enjoy a foundation that is undetectable on the skin. 

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Lux Flawless Foundation

This is Zuii Organic’s fullest coverage foundation yet. It pairs the hydrating benefits of a moisturiser with a full coverage foundation for a natural, flawless finish. The creamy formula blends seamlessly and the six shades are skin-adapting, so they match effortlessly with your natural skin tone. Containing a range of organic super-ingredients like bulbine fructose leaf juice, pavlova lutheri extract, honeysuckle extract, avocado and more, this foundation will nourish your skin throughout the day. Plus: it offers protection against blue ray lights projecting from phone and computer screens, and harsh environmental factors to keep your skin looking and feeling healthier for longer. 

What’s the difference between the Lux Flawless and the Lux Luminescent Foundations?

Coverage: The Lux Flawless offers a full coverage, while the Lux Luminescent offers a medium, buildable coverage. 

Finish: The Lux Flawless offers a natural, flawless finish, while Lux Luminescent offers a lightweight, dewy finish. 


We recommend using the Lux Flawless if you have combination/oily skin and/or you want a fuller coverage. But if you would prefer to show some more of your natural skin underneath and enjoy a glowy finish, then try the Lux Luminescent foundation. 

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation

Enjoy even, natural-looking skin with this organic liquid foundation. The formula is as hydrating as a moisturiser and offers an undetectable medium coverage that can be build to a fuller finish. Organic skin care ingredients like calendula, aloe vera and vitamin E help to actively calm, heal and even your skin tone, while the added vitamin C antioxidants fight off pollutants and early signs of ageing. ThZuii Organic Flora Liquid Foundation is available in 20 shades and suitable for all skin types including sensitive. You can learn more by watching the video below.


Zuii Organic powder foundations


Zuii Certified Organic Flora Powder Foundation

This Certified Organic powder foundation is derived almost entirely from real flowers. Enjoy a sheer-buildable coverage with a breathable, lightweight and water-resistant finish. Skin-nourishing ingredients like rose, chamomile and jasmine flowers fight against the signs of premature ageing while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The Zuii Organic Flora Powder Foundation is available in ten shades and contains naturally UVA/UVB protecting ingredients to help keep your skin safe and healthy. Suitable for all skin types. 

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation

Airbrushed skin in a powder compact? This powder foundation offers a medium coverage that can be built out to the fullest of all Zuii Organic's powder foundations. The unique formula works to refract light to give a youthful, radiant glow with minimised pores and an airbrushed effect. Like Zuii Organic's other formulas, it's also infused with skin-nourishing ingredients like witch hazel extract, camellia seed oil, rose and palmrose that help improve your skin's natural texture and appearance. The Zuii Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation is available in 10 shades and works great on all skin types—particularly great for mature skin.  

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Loose Powder Foundation

This is Zuii Organic's most finely milled powder foundation formula that offers a lightweight feel with a soft coverage that can be built to your specific foundation preferences. Complete with a rose petal finish, this loose powder actively works to help skin conditions rosacea, pigmentation and acne. The formula is also enriched with marshmallow extract, witch hazel extract, camellia seed oil and aloe vera to ensure shine and oil are kept at bay while your skin remains hydrated and nourished. The Zuii Organic Flora Loose Powder Foundation is available in 10 shades and works great alone or as a setting powder for some extra coverage over your Zuii Organic liquid foundation base. 


Match your foundation and powder

Already know your shade in one of the foundations? Use the following guide to find your perfect match in another formula or in one of the powder foundations. 

Find your shade in the Flora range

Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation and Flora Powder Foundation for lighter skin tones


Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation and Flora Powder Foundation for medium to darker skin tones

Zuii Organic finishing powder 

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Limited Edition Lux Finishing Powder - From Rose

This limited edition finishing powder contains the Zuii Organic founder’s favourite flowers. The unique blend contains cornflower blue, calendula flower, chamomile flower, jasmin buds and moringa leaves that work as a toner but in powder form to actively calm and improve your skin. The Zuii Organic Limited Edition Lux Finishing Powder - From Rose comes in one translucent shade for all skin types and will minimise shine, oil and pores to create a soft matte finish for all-day wear. It's perfect for setting the Lux Luminescent or Lux Flawless Foundation. 

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Lux Finishing Powder

Wear flowers on your face with this lux finishing powder - formulated to minimise shine and oil, extend your liquid foundation's lasting power and provide a natural matte finish. This unique setting powder contains rose petals to ensure a consistently fresh powder that is incredibly lightweight and easy to buff onto the skin. The Zuii Organic Lux Finishing Powder is translucent, meaning the one shade is suitable to all skin tones and will work great over any of the Zuii Organic liquid foundations. 

Learn more about Zuii Organic's Lux Finishing Powder in the video below. 

Still not sure? Let us pick for you 

Shop our recommendations for liquid and powder foundation based on skin type, coverage and finish below. Note: any of the setting powders will work great for all skin types. 

Dry/mature skin

Light-medium coverage

If you prefer to wear a liquid foundation then we suggest the Certified Organic Lux Luminescent Foundation, as it will give you a light to medium coverage with a dewy finish. For those who usually opt for powder foundations, the Certified Organic Flora Powder will give you a sheer to buildable coverage that's perfect for those who don’t usually wear much makeup.​  

Medium-full coverage

Liquid foundation wearers looking for a medium to full coverage should use the Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation. This foundation will give you a medium to buildable coverage with a smooth, natural finish. But if you're after a powder foundation, we suggest the Certified Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation as it gives a buildable to medium coverage with a satin-matte finish.


Combination/oily skin

Light-medium coverage
Lux Luminescent Foundation can still work great as a liquid foundation for those with combination/oily skin. We just suggest using the Certified Organic Lux Finishing Powder to keep any oils and shine at bay. If you prefer to use powder then the Certified Organic Flora Loose powder foundation is for you. This powder will give you a buildable, mattifying coverage.

Medium-full coverage
Want something with a fuller coverage? The Certified Organic Lux Flawless Foundation offers the fullest coverage with a natural finish—perfect for creating a long-lasting flawless base. And if you're after a powder foundation with medium to full coverage then the Flora Ultra Powder Foundation is for you. This powder gives a buildable to medium coverage with a satin-matte finish. 


Frequently asked questions 

Should I use powder or liquid foundation?

This is really down to personal preference and skin type. Generally, liquid foundations come in formulations that are suited to a range of skin types from dry to oily. They are particularly good for dry or mature skin, or those wanting a dewier finish. Powder foundations tend to be best suited to combination or oily skin types, due to the oil-absorbing properties of the powder formulation. 

How do I use a powder foundation?

A powder foundation is best applied on top of a moisturiser or primer. To apply powder foundation, use a powder brush or puff to pat and buff the product into the skin. Light pressing motions tend to get the smoothest finish.

Do I need to use a setting powder over my liquid foundation?

Using a setting powder will help keep your foundation on for longer and it will help create a flawless, airbrushed effect to your makeup base. If you have dry skin, you might choose to set your foundation with a setting spray instead, but a good powder like those from Zuii Organic won’t add dryness to the skin.




Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation (30 ml)

Soothing & suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

From $44.95

See Options

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Lux Flawless Foundation Driftwood (30 ml)

Offers maximum coverage with a smooth, natural finish



Zuii Organic Certified Organic Lux Luminescent Foundation Ivory

Offers intense hydration with a smooth, natural finish

From $3.50

See Options

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation (13 g)

Soft focus powder helps minimise the appearance of fine lines

From $65.00

See Options

Zuii Certified Organic Flora Foundation (10 g)

Long lasting, water resistant, full coverage & without clogging pores

From $59.95

See Options

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Loose Powder (10 g)

Light weight formulation with good coverage & staying power

From $59.95

See Options

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Colour Corrective Primer (30 ml)

Developed to correct skin tone imperfections & discolouration

From $34.95

See Options

Zuii Organic Vegan Makeup Brushes (5 Brushes)

Made from a special blend of synthetic fibres for best application


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