Guide to natural & cruelty free makeup

Date Posted:7 January 2018 

Is natural makeup cruelty free? And if your makeup has the cruelty free logo on it, does that mean it must be natural as well? While these two often go hand in hand, the short answer is no. While the majority of natural makeup is also cruelty free, it is not a rule, therefore checking the label for the cruelty free logo is essential. Likewise, many cruelty free beauty products are not natural.


What about talc free makeup?

Talc is a natural compound which is mined from the ground and consists of magnesium, silicon, hydrogen and oxygen. Before the 1970’s mined talc was often contaminated with asbestos. In makeup, talc is used to dilute pigment and can leave a chalky residue on the skin. What you most likely know talc for is talcum power. Recently, lawsuits have unveiled against commercial talcum powder products which claim to have contributed to the development of ovarian cancer. There was also a 2003 meta-analysis study which demonstrated the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. While the use of talcum powder on the neither regions likely has some influencial factor, it is best to stear clear of using talc. As the particle size of talc is very small, it is easily inhaled and can reach the lungs if you are using a loose makeup powder containing talc. Zuii Organic produces 100% talc free makeup and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


Why choose organic lipstick?

This one has got to be a no-brainer. You are literally eating anything you put on your lips. Therefore, any lipstick that contains chemicals is going straight into your mouth and distributed throughout your body. Yuck! What about vegan lipstick? This comes down to personal preference, as vegan lipstick will not contain any beeswax. At Sassy Organics, we stock a range of vegan lipsticks including highly pigmented HANAMI vegan lipsticks and beautiful matt finish NEEK vegan lipsticks. They are both packed with nourishing natural and organic ingredients without beeswax and animals testing. It is beyond us that animals are still used in cosmetic testing and that consumers still support those companies (pehaps without even being aware ot it). If you want to learn about companies that participate in animal testing, please see our earlier post Animal testing - why is still happening and what you can do about it?


Makeup for sensitive skin

If you have skin that is prone to reactions, choosing organic makeup is the way to go. Eczema prone skin can be particularly aggravated by creams containing fragrance, eye shadow and makeup remover. Choosing a natural makeup remover for sensitive skin is the best option if you are highly reactive. Go natural right down to the last ingredient, including natural eye shadow, organic or natural makeup primer and even organic eyeliner and all natural mascara.


What do we recommend?

If you are ready to make the switch to non-toxic makeup, Zuii Organic has a beautiful range of certified organic natural makeup. Containing real flowers, they not only smell delicious, but also feel divine on your skin along with being highly nourishing. All Zuii Organic powder products are made using real certified organic flower petals of rose, jasmine and chamomile to create a uniquely soft nourishing and healing powder base. As such, they are suitable and recommended for sensitive skin. 





Zuii Organic Certified Organic Foundation Primer (30 ml)

Offers enhanced protection & hydration for the skin



Zuii Certified Organic Flora Lip & Cheek Creme Ariel (3.5 g)

Lightweight flower & fruit colour formulation



Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation (13 g)

Soft focus powder helps minimise the appearance of fine lines

From $65.00

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Hanami Natural Vegan Mascara Black (8 g)

No clumping, no flaking and no harmful chemicals



NEEK 100% Natural Vegan Lipstick Sweet About Me - Frost (4.5 g)

Subtle, translucent like, shimmery neutral hue with a tinge of pink


Out Of Stock

HANAMI Vegan Mineral Cream Blush All About Eve (5 g)

The brightest of pinks and suits olive, medium and fair skin tones



Zuii Organic Certified Organic Lux Lipstick Coral Red

Certified vegan, vitamin packed colour with a creamy finish

From $2.50

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