Toxic chemicals found in candles

Date Posted:9 July 2017 

How many chemicals are you exposed to in your own home? As we cannot control our chemical exposure when we step out of the house, we can at least, minimise our exposure in the home.


Let’s look at detergents

These are things like dish washing liquid, laundry powered, toilet cleaner, shower spray, surface spray. All of these can be substituted for a natural chemical free brand. This will not only help our water ways and marine life stay clear of toxic chemicals, but it will also help to minimise our exposure.


Scented Candles

Now, scented candles are a big one when it comes to chemicals in disguise. It would not be your first thought when you look at a beautiful flickering candle emitting a sweet alluring aroma. However, commercial scented candles emit dangerous chemicals that when inhaled through the air, can have damaging effects on our health. Most commercial candles are made from paraffin wax, which gives off benzene and toluene, two highly toxic compounds which are also found in car fumes. No thanks! 


How about wicks?

Then there’s the wick, which can often contain heavy metals such as lead. Once the body comes into contact with heavy metals, it stores them, which can lead to an accumulation of toxic metals in the body. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can range from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, hormone dysfunction, behavioural issues, central nervous system dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction (mitochondria are the energy producing cells of the body) and anaemia. Many chronic health conditions and autoimmune issues can be traced back to an underlying cause of toxicity. When the body is over burdened with toxins, it can’t do the job it is supposed to due to interference by toxic chemicals.


Healthy Alternative

Now, we are not by any means saying that you can’t enjoy a beautiful scented candle in your home! However, do not use a commercial candle, e.g. bought at supermarket, as these will contain chemicals. Opt for natural candles wherever possible. The healthiest candles to choose should be bee or soy wax candles and use essential oils as their fragrance. A bonus of using essential oils is that you will also get the therapeutic benefit as well as the aroma. We love the Vanessa Megan range of soy wax candles. They are natural candles, long lasting and non-toxic with a cotton wick. Delicious aromas to fill your home, without the chemicals. Yes please!





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