Keep warm and well this winter

Date Posted:30 April 2017 

Warming teas

During the colder months, it is important not only to dress warmly, but also to eat warming foods and drink warming teas. By warming teas, I’m talking ginger, cinnamon, cardamom… all those beautiful spices that generate heat throughout the body and stimulate circulation. Tea is ideal to sip on the cold winter days, and to snuggle up with on those chilly nights. Organic Merchant teas such as Immune Tea, Lemongrass & Ginger, MultiVital, Vitamin C and Spice Chai Tea are just a perfect addition to your daily routine. We also recommend hot turmeric lattes, as they contain powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, strengthening your imune system. See our earlier post The healing power of herbs.


Spicy foods

Eating salads and cold foods during winter is not good for the body energetically, and creates more stress on the body by having to digest it. Warm meals like soups, stews and casseroles and curries are gentle and nurturing to body. As winter is a time of rest and hibernation, the body needs warming foods, which are nutritious and easy to digest. Adding warm spices to your meals such as turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and clove also help to boost circulation and promote warmth from within. If you don't have fresh turmeric, organic turmeric powder is just fine. Golden Grind activated turmeric is blended with black pepper to maximise healing properties. Learn more by reading our earlier post What are the benefits of turmeric?


Hydrating moisturisers

Take care of your skin by incorporating some hydrating oils to your weekly routine. Using an organic rosehip oil or rosehip oil blend 1-3 times weekly (depending on how dry your skin is) will help to plump out the skin and maintain a healthy glow. As always, whenever possible choose organic oils. Acure Organics makes beautiful nourishing oils blends with organic argan oil including Certified Organic Blue Tansy Night Oil and Certified Organic Rose Argan Oil.

For the most superb nourishing facial oil, we highly recommend Vanessa Megan Nature’s Elixir Face Oil (N.E.O). As you use such a tiny amount each time, a bottle of this will last and last. Make sure you store it away from heat and light, as these elements can damage the precious oils. Keep the lid sealed tight also, as if oxygen is left to flood the product, the sensitive oils will oxidize and become rancid. 


Hot baths

Another one of our favourite winter past times is indulging in a long hot bath filled with essential oils and bath salts. The Physic Garden do the most divine blends. For a deeply relaxing and therapeutic bath, we love the rose, passionflower and geranium blend. Perfect to help de-stress and to aid sleep. Or, to promote the feeling of love and calm, the Glow Soak is an absolute winner. Rose invokes a feeling of love and has been traditionally been used as aphrodisiac. We love rose for its self-empowering and self-love properties. 





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