Best reusable food storage products

Date Posted:29 February 2020 

With less than 9% of the worlds plastic being recycled, reducing every day plastic usage has never been more important. Choosing reusable products is important for the sustainability of the planet and for reducing chemical exposure in the food we eat.  


Reusable food wraps

Plastic food wraps contribute terribly to household waste and landfill, while plastic containers used to store food not only contribute to waste once disposed of, but can also leach toxic chemicals into your food, especially if the food is placed into the container while hot or if heated in a microwave. Using reusable food wraps are first and foremost an environmentally friendly and chemical free alternative to plastic wrap, but they are also much more effective at keeping your food fresher for longer.


Beeswax vs vegan food wraps

If you are allergic to pollen or honey, you should avoid using beeswax food wraps. Additionally, if you are a strict cruelty-free vegan, using any products that contain honey or beeswax are no no. For beeswax to be considered humane, ethical and cruelty free, it has to be harvested at a very low rate so as not to effect the bees supply. While this is possible, beekeepers would need to put ethics and the wellbeing of their bees first before profit. There is also the issue of smoking bees to reduce their activity while the beekeeper opens up the colony, which can be viewed as a cruel and unnecessary practice. Vegan reusable food wraps are 100% cruelty free and palm oil free. Made from 100% natural cotton and plant-based wax, the Kikikovic Certified Vegan Reusable and Compostable Food Wraps are ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. They also contain naturally occurring tree extracts and anti-bacterial jojoba oil which results in the vegan wax wrap being flexible and self sticking with no beeswax aroma. 


Cleaning your food wraps

Cleaning your reusable food wraps after use is easy by simply running under cold water. It is important not to use use hot water like you would for cleaning dishes, as warm water will effect the wax and degrade the integrity of the wraps. For any food remnants such as avocado, simply scrub away with a dish cloth. If the wraps have a decent amount of food residue a small amount of natural dish washing liquid may be used. Hang to dry on a drying rack, or towel pat dry. Ensure wraps are completely dry before storing, and make sure you store your food wraps away from heat and direct sunlight to preserve the wax. 


Produce storage bags

Along with reusable vegan food wraps, we love reusable produce storage bags for keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. The Swag Vegetable Storage Bags keep fruit and vegetables fresh, crisp and nutrient rich for two weeks or more, reducing food waste, saving money and reducing shopping trips. If you like to frequent local farmers markets, which may not be on every week, The Swag is perfect to storing your farm fresh fruit and veggies for longer and avoiding supermarket top ups. The Swag is ethically handmade, non toxic, breathable, machine washable, 100% sustainable and made from 100% natural, unbleached cotton. Once your Swag has reached the end of its life-cycle (after a few years) it is fully compostable, so there is absolutely no adding to landfill. 


Food Covers

Food covers provide another alternative to cling wrap and plastic containers. Simply pop them over your plate, platter, bowl or a cup and store them as usual. Reusable food covers are either made of FDA approved food grade sillicone or fabric (cotton) and both options provide equaly good coverage, although clear silicone helps easily identify contents inside. Food covers are particularly good for a BBQ or picnic to keep the bugs off and another great way to minimise food waste after a family day out.






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