3 Ways to boost fertility naturally

Date Posted:26 March 2022 

When it comes to healthy hormones and fertility foods, balance is key. Maintaining a balance diet as well as using all-natural supplements is essential when trying to naturally boost your fertility. 



Along with eating a balanced diet, fertility supplements such as  maca powder  may have additional benefits at balancing hormones in both men and fertility in women. The great thing about maca powder is that it does not directly affect one particular hormone, it works at balancing all hormones. This makes it perfect if you have not had hormone testing, yet want something to help regulate hormones and increase chances of fertility. Omega 3 is an essential amino acid in maintaining healthily bodily functions, which is why it can also be helpful for those trying to fall pregnant. Vegan omega 3 is a great way to boost both male and female fertility. The Vitus vegan omega 3 powder contains both omega 3 and 6 strains, for an all-round essential amino booster. Maintaining a balanced diet is number one priority when it comes to fertility.

Introducing a super greens powder can help you supercharge your micronutrient intake, while you continue to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. We love the Nutra Organics super greens powder for adding to your favourite smoothies. Probiotics are another supplement in the class of possible fertility boosters, as improving gut health positively impacts all body systems including hormones and reproductive health. Fertility vitamins and fertility herbs should be discussed with a health professional first if you are trying to conceive or think you may be pregnant.  


We are all so busy these days, stress has become such a normal way of life. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone, giving us energy when we need it the most, for example, running away from a predator. When we have constant stress, for example balancing work, study, home life, relationships etc., this often results in cortisol constantly being released, which in turn effects our hormonal health. Fertility essential oils are a great tool to balance hormones and help you relax. Essential lavender oil is great for helping you have better and deeper sleep, which in turn can support your fertility goals. Simply using a few drops of a calming essential lavender oil in a diffuser can have a positive impact on mood and stress relief. Essential lavender oil on its own or in a blend such as Black Chicken Remedies Natural Essential Oil Blend Serenity is perfect to calm nervous tension. You can even use the natural essential oil inhalers to relieve stress and tension.

Practising mindfulness is another great way to keep relaxed, centred and focus on what you want in life. This involves breathing technique and immersing yourself in your own thoughts without judgment or fear. This excludes limitating belief and destructive thoughts and focusing on ‘lack of’. Instead, focus on gratitude and things that you are grateful for in life now. When you change your state of mind, you change your belief and allow for greater experiences to enter your life.


​Tea & sleep

Not surprisingly, consistent lack of sleep may impact your fertility by disrupting hormones. The part of the brain that regulates cortisol and melatonin (which are our awake/stress and sleep hormones) also controls the release of reproductive hormones. In women, this may affect ovulation, while in men it may affect the maturation process of sperm. Getting yourself into a nightly bedtime routine is great place to start to improve sleep. One hour before bed, start to wind down and prepare for sleep. Some bedtime routine ideas include sipping on a sleep tea, relaxing in a warm bath, practising fertility meditation or even fertility yoga. Mama Body Tea is one of our favourite brands for teas that can help in the fertility process. Mama Body Tea makes a Fertility Tea that is great for those wanting to start a family. The fertility tea contains all-natural raspberry leaf, chaste berry and tulsi which are great at promoting the fertility of women. Mama Body Tea makes its fertility tea from organic ingredients and has ensured that it’s vegan friendly and caffeine free.

Preparing for labour

Raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy is an ancient remedy for those ready to give birth. The raspberry leaf herbal tea blend is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc which contributes to normal reproduction and fertility such as preparing your uterus for birth and post birth recovery. It is a natural and delicious way to prepare and support your inner temple for the big day and beyond. You can learn more about raspberry leaf tea benefits here

Mama Body Tea has created the entire selection of teas for women from their conception right through their pregnancy and labour, helping women through this beautiful, yet challenging time in life. This also includes a coeliac tea for babies, to help them get settled, giving mums and their baby a good night sleep. Mama Body Tea has been formulated by a naturopath from Melbourne, using only organic ingredients and biodegradable tea bags.





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