3 Ways to boost fertility naturally

Date Posted:9 June 2019 

When it comes to healthy hormones and fertility foods, balance is key. Eating a diet too low in calories or that severely restricts carbohydrates long term can actually reduce your body’s ability to make hormones. In fertility of a woman, this may effect her ability to ovulate, sustain a pregnancy, or even have a menstrual cycle. In men, sperm production and quality may be effected as well as a lowered libido. Similarly, eating too many calories, especially high carbohydrate and sugary foods can have a negative effect on fertility. If your diet consists of too many unhealthy foods, you may want to consider a fertility cleanse.



Along with eating a balanced diet, fertility supplements such as maca may have additional benefits at balancing hormones in both men and fertility in women. The great thing about maca is that it does not directly effect one particular hormone, it works at balancing all hormones. This makes it perfect if you have not had hormone testing, yet want something to help regulate hormones and  increase chances of fertility. Probiotics are another supplement in the class of possible fertility boosters, as improving gut health positively impacts all body systems including hormones and reproductive health. Fertility vitamins and fertility herbs should be discussed with a health professional first if you are trying to conceive or think you may be pregnant. 



We are all so busy these days, stress has become such a normal way of life. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone, giving us energy when we need it the most, for example, running away from a predator. When we have constant stress, for example balancing work, study, home life, relationships etc., this often results in cortisol constantly being released, which in turn effects our hormonal health. Fertility essential oils are a great tool to balance hormones and help you relax. Simply using a few drops of a calming essential oil blend in a diffuser can have a positive impact on mood and stress relief. Lavender on its own or in a blend such as Black Chicken Remedies Natural Essential Oil Blend Serenity is perfect to calm nervous tension. You can even use the natural essential oil inhalers to relieve stress and tension.



Not surprisingly, consistent lack of sleep may impact your fertility by disrupting hormones. The part of the brain that regulates cortisol and melatonin (which are our awake/stress and sleep hormones) also controls the release of reproductive hormones. In women, this may effect ovulation, while in men it may effect the maturation process of sperm. Getting yourself into a nightly bedtime routine is great place to start to improve sleep. One hour before bed, start to wind down and prepare for sleep. Some bed time routine ideas include sipping on a sleep tea, relaxing in a warm bath, practising fertility meditation or even fertility yoga. Some of our favourite teas to cosy up with before bed include Ministry of Tea Certified Organic The Big Sleep Tea, The Organic Trainer Chamomile and Elderflower Sleep Tea (this one is perfect to calm down the mind after evening exercise), Mama Body Tea Sleepy and the Mama Body Fertility Tea.




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