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Macro Mike Frequently Asked Questions

Date Posted:19 July 2022 

Who is Macro Mike

Macro Mike is more than just the food. Launched by Mike in 2016, Macro Mike is a unique health food company fuelled by enormous passion for all things natural and tasty. Following on from a huge organic response Mike received when sharing his recipes to the online community, Mike saw a huge gap to bring his own products to market. Founder Mike Kellett being both gluten and dairy intolerant, knows it can be challenging to find delicious tasting allergy friendly and plant based foods. So, he took the best quality natural whole foods from every corner of the world and relentlessly experimented with one simple goal - to give back to anyone who ever feels they have ever had to restrict themselves from food.


Are your products vegan?

Yes, Macro Mike don’t use any animal products in any of their range.


Do your products contain gluten or dairy?

No, all Macro Mike ingredients are gluten and dairy free.


Do your products contain erythritol?

Macro Mike protein, protein bars, and peanut butter powder do not contain erythritol.


Do your products contain any GMOs or artificial ingredients?

All Macro Mike products are non GMO and contain only 100% natural ingredients. They don’t use any artificial colours, refined sugars, flavours or preservatives.

Are your products certified organic?

A good proportion of Macro Mike ingredients are organically certified and they try to choose organic choices over non organic where possible.


Who can consume your products?

People from all walks of life enjoy Macro Mike goodies, from parents feeding their kids healthy sugar free treats, to bodybuilders bulking up for big lifts, to vegans sick of eating sandy protein and flavourless baking.


Where are your products produced?

Macro Mike production facility is located on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, and source their ingredients locally and from overseas.


How long do the products last?

All Macro Mike products have 6-12 month shelf life minimum. Once cooked product varies, check pack if unsure. 


What's powdered peanut butter?

First the peanuts are roasted to take off a lot of their oil, next they are dehydrated then turned into a powder, you are left with a high protein, low fat peanut flour which tastes amazing and has a wide range of applications. You can use Macro Mike peanut butter for smoothies or protein shakes. Try adding it to gluten free porridge or coconut yoghurt. It’s also great as a pancake or waffle topper.


Are your products keto friendly?

AllMacro Miker products are nutritionally balanced and their plant based protein and peanut butters are both keto friendly. 


Do you have a physical store?

Macro Mike products are sold in over 1000 locations Australia wide. Sassy Organics is Macro Mike's official stockist and you can purchase their products here.


Are your products safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

While Macro Mike protein, baking mixes, bars, and peanut butters are all safe to consume during pregnancy and breast feeding, it is recommended you speak with your doctor before consuming the goodies from the supplements range. They're all natural, vegan, and contain no artificial ingredients or nasties, but it’s better to make sure it’s right for you. 


Are there any banned substances?

At Macro Mike, they have passed the tests. They have had a sample from each Macro Mike protein screened for banned substances with a UK based laboratory. Test results for all samples came back free from banned substances and we are committed to this level of quality and transparency. 


Do you have Afterpay or zipPay?

You bet! We have Afterpay and zipPay in Australia and we also have Afterpay in New Zealand, US, Canada and UK!


Do you offer discounts?

One way is to sign up for Sassy Organics account and earn points which add up to discounts.


What is your best product?

All products from Macro Mike are delicious, however our customers love Macro Mike peanut butter protein.