A beginner’s guide to bodybuilding while on a vegan diet

Date Posted:14 June 2020 

A lot of people say that going vegan and bodybuilding do not mix, and the reasoning behind this belief is understandable. How could a plant based diet, where protein is difficult to come by, help you build all that muscle? When folks learn about the physique of vegan bodybuilders, their jaws often drop. 


Get healthy while building muscle mass

Building muscle mass is one of the objectives that people have in mind when they switch to a healthier diet, and the good news is that you can still reach this goal even when you go vegan. How is this possible? The answer is simple: there are many natural ways to be healthy and build the muscle you want, which means that vegans can get that tight bod even though their diets are plant based. 


Where to get that protein

The best way to gain muscle mass is to consume proteins before and after a workout. But it cannot just be any type of protein. In order to have bigger muscles, vegans must consume high quality proteins


How can vegans get their protein intake? 

The big myth is that vegans need to stock up on large amounts of protein in order to grow their muscles. This is not true since, when it comes to proteins, quality matters more than quantity. This is why vegans must consume high quality proteins instead. This isn’t difficult since most veggies are a great source of protein, and a lot of them pack quite a punch. Vegans can also get the protein they need from pre workout and post workout supplements. You can read the full article about supplements that can help you gain muscle. Research shows that the optimal daily protein intake for adults is around 0.8 grams to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This is where vegans get the most confused.


Where are you going wrong? 

Going vegan does not necessarily change the amount of protein one consumes. In fact, many vegans are actually consuming larger amounts and healthier types of protein in its "pure" form, so to speak. The defining factor is becoming aware of what you put on your plate. Be conscious about the type of food you are eating and the macronutrients you are consuming.


Veggies are a source of high quality protein 

The myth that "vegetables have no proteins" needs to be busted. It’s easy to believe in this myth since protein often comes from meat, but it’s important to note that plants pack a punch, too! Broccoli is high in protein for a veggie. For example, a pound of good old broccoli contains 13 grams of protein. Green peas have 8 grams of protein by the cup. Although plants contain less protein than your average meat, you can still get the recommended daily protein intake by consuming vegetables. 


Best steps to build a meal plan

There are four steps to optimize your vegan diet and ensure it’s ideal for bodybuilding.

1. Make sure you are eating enough. Compute the ideal calorie intake for your needs and goals and diligently count the number of calories you consume. Going below the recommended calorie intake will not help you. 

2. Work your macros out. Carbs, fat, protein - see which macronutrients you must increase or decrease in your diet.

3. Remember that the size of your meals and when you eat them are essential. Make sure that your meals optimize your workout or enhance muscle recovery. 

4. And lastly, plan your meals ahead of time! 



Bodybuilding and veganism are not mutually exclusive. You can have both in your life quite successfully. The important factor is knowing the correct ways to exercise and the healthiest diet you can have to achieve your bodybuilding goals as a vegan. 





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