SpiritualiTEA Herbal Tisanes have been created and developed by Naturopath and Herbalist Cheryl O'Neill. As a Naturopath working in private practice, Cheryl had the opportunity to see the healing benefits of herbs through the varied health complaints that came into the clinic.  As a Nutrition Trainer travelling around Australia, she saw the complexity created with finding the right foods and drinks to have in our diet. She continually referred to the Naturopathic principles of going back to basics, as nature intended. While Cheryl was searching for another way to bring more energy into our health plan and having spoken so often of herbal teas, assisted by a meditation course, SpiritualiTEA came to life.

SpiritualiTEA herbal tisanes were developed to provide the healing benefits of herbs into our daily lives, whilst helping to also balance our chakras. Each herb was carefully selected, taking into account the area of the body the herbs assists, the colour of the herbs and obviously the taste of the blend of herbs.


SpiritualiTEA Crown Chakra (25 g)

Aims to help you follow your inner guidance and wisdom



SpiritualiTEA Root Chakra (50 g)

Aims to make you feel grounded and connected



SpiritualiTEA Sacral Chakra (50 g)

Aims to make you feel passion for life and joyful



SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus Chakra (50 g)

Aims to make you feel optimistic and in control of your life



SpiritualiTEA Throat Chakra (25 g)

Contains herbs allowing the communication channels to open up



SpiritualiTEA Heart Chakra (25 g)

Winner of the 2015 Golden Leaf Award for best flavoured green tea


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SpiritualiTEA Third Eye Chakra (25 g)

Aims to brighten and clear your third eye


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The SpiritualiTEA Chakra Collection (7 Tisane)

Includes 7 blends for each chakra


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