Vitus Frequently Asked Questions

Date Posted:24 April 2021 

Can VITUS be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Products safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding include; VITUS Spirulina, VITUS Digestive, VITUS Vegan B12, VITUS Vegan Protein, VITUS Vegan Omega, VITUS Clean Greens, VITUS Calcium, VITUS Iron + C and VITUS Vitamin C. Please seek further advice from your Health Practitioner if required. VITUS Magnesium is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it contains magnesium hydroxide, 'Supplementary Sports Food' and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women or children under 15 years of age.


What does RDI mean?

Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI), sometimes referred to as recommended daily intake, is the average daily intake level of a nutrient that is likely to meet the nutrient requirements for 97-98% of healthy individuals.


Do all VITUS products contain 100% RDI of the vitamin and or mineral presented?

VITUS products which meet the RDI of the specific vitamin or mineral presented on the label include; VITUS B12, VITUS IRON + C, VITUS VITAMIN C, VITUS CALCIUM and VITUS MAGNESIUM.


Why is there sometimes a variance in the colour from one batch of VITUS powder to the next? 

At VITUS they use 100% natural wholefoods to create our nutrient dense range. As these foods are often seasonal, in some cases there may be a slight variation in colour between batches depending on many elements involved in the growth and production of these premium food ingredients. The entire VITUS range maintains a pure plant, ocean or desert sourced promise, with no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. They always ensure that every batch of powder meets the extreme standards of the VITUS range.  


Is VITUS suitable for children?

The VITUS range (and recommended dosage and RDI information) has been developed for adults. We therefore recommend speaking to a healthcare provider/doctor, as they will be able to assist with converting the serving size to a suitable dose. Information such as weight, age, medical history and diet may help your healthcare provider/Doctor come up with their recommendation. VITUS Magnesium is not recommended for children under 15 years of age.


How should VITUS be stored?

VITUS should be stored in a dry place below 25°C and out of direct sunlight.


Can VITUS help with deficiencies?

VITUS products are nutrient rich to assist in meeting nutritionals needs, however they’re not designed to treat any illnesses or conditions. We therefore advise speaking to a healthcare provider/doctor for further advice on treating a deficiency.


Can I replace meals with VITUS?

VITUS products are not designed to replace meals. They provide essential nutrients to support overall health & wellbeing and should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Are all VITUS products vegan?

Yes, the entire VITUS range is vegan verified and contains no animal bi-products. VITUS is also a proudly cruelty-free brand and are PETA business friends.


Are all products gluten free?

VITUS products that are free from gluten include; VITUS Spirulina, VITUS Digestive, VITUS B12, VITUS Vegan Omega, VITUS Clean Greens, VITUS Calcium, VITUS Iron + C, VITUS Vitamin C and VITUS Magnesium. VITUS Vegan Protein has shown minimal traces of gluten when tested.


Where are the VITUS products made?

VITUS vegan wholefood nutrition range is manufactured in Australia to strict GMP manufacturing standards. 


Where is spirulina grown?

VITUS spirulina is sourced from the world’s #1 pioneer and manufacturer of spirulina. The 1st spirulina farm in the USA, currently the world’s largest. VITUS spirulina is grown at the source (in the USA) and packaged in Australia to the highest standards.  Total time from live culture to preserving nutrients in powder form is only 15 minutes. Safety Assurance Tests (Every batch) & >10 3rd party and internal audits per year. GMP Producer with GRAS, ISO, FSSC certifications. 

VITUS Spirulina is grown free from;                  


VITUS Spirulina is grown in ideal conditions


Are VITUS clean greens grown locally?

VITUS Clean Greens is 100% organic and dried at the source in Australia.


What are the ingredients of the AGM grain powder in VITUS vegan proten?

The AGM Grain Powder is a combination of organic fermented ingredients, in descending order:      

 The fermented ingredients in VITUS Vegan Protein support gut health and natural vegan digestive enzymes to ensure the digestive system can fully process the proteins and benefit from complete absorption. 


Are VITUS products sustainable?

VITUS wholefood supplements are responsibly packaged in recyclable glass bottles and lids. With an oxygen barrier induction seal, we also ensure optimal protection and freshness for the vital nutrients within. Each step has been carefully considered to ensure that VITUS reaches you with the freshest and most pure wholefood nutrition.


VITUS vegan protein is packaged in a 100% home compostable pouch


Can all VITUS supplements be taken in conjunction with one another?

VITUS vegan wholefoods are natural forms of vitamin and mineral rich food and can therefore be taken with one another or separately.


How should you take VITUS vegan supplements?

The serving suggestion/recommended dose is on the label of each product. VITUS vegan wholefood powders can be added to water, juice or a smoothie, stirred through a dip or sprinkled over your favourite food. Easy and delicious! VITUS vegan capsules and tablets offer a convenient dose that can be taken with water, juice or your favourite plant based milk.


Can the dosage be adjusted?

VITUS recommended dosage has been specifically designed for adults and we recommended following the suggested serving size as on the label. Should you wish to increase or decrease the dosage we recommend first consulting your health practitioner as they will be able to assist with converting the serving size to a suitable dose based on factors such as your weight, age and medical history.


How long can I take VITUS vitamins & minerals for?

As VITUS vitamins and minerals are natural wholefoods, they can be taken and enjoyed indefinitely.


How can you get vitamin B12 from plants?

The ingredients in VITUS Vegan B12 have been specially selected for their naturally high levels in the different vitamins (the Quinoa sprout powder for example is high in natural Vitamin B12, and the Organic Mushroom powder is naturally high in wholefood Vitamin D).

VITUS Vegan B12 + D undergoes our patented manufacturing process. The organic quinoa seeds go through a stage of germination wherein the quinoa seeds produces a biologically active form of B  VITAMINS. The sprouting quinoa acts like a vitamin factory where it converts vitamins into their biologically active form as found in nature and then finally presents you with natural B vitamins including B12 from quinoa. After conversion, some amount of the vitamins remain bound to the biologically active forms methyl and adenosyl-cobalamin.


What is VITUS spirulina recommended for?


What is VITUS megnesium recommended for?


What is VITUS calcium recommended for?


What is VITUS iron+C recommended for?


What is VITUS vitamin C recommended for?


What is VITUS digestive recommended for?


What is VITUS vegan B12 recommended for?


What is VITUS vegan protein recommended for?


What is VITUS vegan omega recommended for?


What is VITUS clean greens recommended for?




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