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The importance of natural face cleanser

Date Posted:14 October 2021 

Face washing is one of the most crucial steps in any good skincare routine, but not everyone is sure how best to wash their face, whether they should wash their face twice a day and what the best products are for their skin. Use this guide to natural face cleansers and cleansing to get started.


When and how should I wash my face?

There are no hard and fast rules about when and how you should wash your face – often this depends on your lifestyle and skincare routine. As a general rule, however, it’s recommended that you wash your face at least twice a day: morning and night. You might need to wash your face more regularly than that for example, after your workout to prevent breakouts. If you have very dry skin, you might only need or want to cleanse in the evenings, but as most of us wear heavier skincare products overnight it’s good to wash any residue off before our morning skincare regimen. There are many ways to cleanse your face but, generally, you’ll want to use lukewarm water to first wet the face. Then use a small amount of cleanser and massage this over your damp face – gently but thoroughly – before washing it off and patting your face dry with a clean towel. The face cleanser you choose will depend on your skin type and preferred cleansing method.


Can I just wash my face with water?

We don’t recommend washing your face with just water. While washing your face with water prevents any chance of stripping your face of natural oils, it can lead to dead skin cell and oil build-up. A natural face cleanser won’t strip your skin of moisture or natural oils but will gently remove dead skin cells, dirt, grime and other impurities that clog pores and lead to dull skin or acne. You can cleanse your face naturally, while still using proper cleansing products and tools.

Is there a difference between face cleanser and face wash?

The main difference between a face cleanser and a face wash is their formula. Both a face cleanser and a face wash are designed to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil from the skin, but a face cleanser tends to refer to lotion, gel or otherwise creamy cleanser formulas. A face wash is generally used to refer to foaming cleansers that feel more like body wash and foam up in a lather when you use them. That said, many people use the term foam cleanser to refer to foaming face washes and cleansers. A foam cleanser is simply a cleanser that has that foaming consistency. 

The type of cleanser you choose comes down to your skin type. Generally, a cream face cleanser is great for those with normal to dry skin. A gel cleanser is ideal for those with very oily or acne-prone skin as gel cleansers are water-based and usually free from oil. That said an oil cleanser or face oil can be used to balance out the oil production in oily skin types. An oil cleanser is also great for those who wear lots of makeup or have very dry skin. A foam cleanser or face wash is great for normal to oily skin types. When choosing a foam cleanser, be sure it doesn’t contain SLS – a harsh chemical that is used for the foaming effect but seriously dries out the skin. We have lots of great natural face cleansers to choose from at Sassy Organics.


How can I clean my face naturally?

If you want to cleanse your face naturally, then you’ll want to choose a face cleanser that only use natural ingredients. Some cleansers can contain harsh chemicals like SLS, sulfates and soap which clean your skin but also remove any healthy moisture and oils. Eco by Sonya is one of our favourite brands for skincare that’s safe and effective. Eco by Sonya only use pure, natural ingredients to make their skincare products. Eco by Sonya skincare is Australian owned, made and inspired by beautiful Australian beaches and summers. The Eco by Sonya’s Super Citrus Cleanser is our top pick for any skin type - it’s a great all-rounder as it’s hydrating but not too thick. This citrus cleanser contains only natural and organic ingredients that have been chosen for their cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties so you can expect clean, and more even skin with each wash.  

Another great brand for totally natural and safe skincare is Black Chicken Remedies. Black Chicken Remedies is an Australian owned and operated brand that specialises in remedial, natural skincare, made right here in Australia. The Black Chicken Remedies Cleanse My Face Oil Cleanser contains only natural and certified organic ingredients with no water or fillers. You might think an oil cleanser is only good for dry skin, but it can be great for oily skin too. The formula of the Black Chicken Remedies oil cleanser is designed to balance oil production which is good for oily skin where dryness leads to the overproduction of natural oils. 

What should I remove my makeup with?

For those who wear makeup, using a cleanser won’t be enough to properly remove all dirt and impurities from the skin. Double cleansing is the process of doing an initial cleanse to remove makeup, sweat or other oil before a second cleanse that actually cleans your skin. Using a makeup remover and then a cleanser is the suggested double cleanse for when you’ve worn makeup during the day. A great makeup remover option is micellar water or a specially formulated makeup remover that will dissolve the makeup on the skin. We suggest using reusable makeup remover pads with an all-natural makeup remover to remove foundation and eye makeup. Reusable makeup remover pads are a great option as they often contain microfibers that help remove impurities and are better for the environment. 

The danger with some makeup removers is that they can contain alcohol and other drying ingredients that might remove makeup, sure, but also strip your skin of all its natural oils. That’s why we also recommend sticking to all-natural skincare brands that use minimal, pure and natural ingredients, like Antipodes skincare. If you wear minimal makeup, you might like to try a makeup-removing cleanser that is specifically formulated to break down makeup while also cleansing the skin. Antipodes Hallelujah Lime Patchouli Cleanser & Makeup Remover does just that. Formulated with pure plant oils like jojoba and macadamia oil, this Antipodes Skincare makeup remover and face cleanser is tough on makeup and dirt, but gentle on your skin. It leaves your face feeling soft and clean. 




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