5 Reasons to include face toner in your skincare routine

Date Posted:25 November 2018 

Is a natural face toner missing from your skin care regime? If you have never used one before, here are 5 reasons why a face toner is important for glowing skin. As always, we recommend you use natural or organic toner wherever possible, without alcohol.


1. Remove excess makeup and grime


2. Balance the skin pH


3. Tightens pores


4. A deeper hydration post moisturising


5. To refresh


Best toner for dry skin

If you are looking for a toner for dry skin, choosing an alcohol free formula is a good place to start, as alcohol tends to dry out the skin even more. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and rose water will help to hydrate and nourish dry skin. A rose hydrosol alcohol free toner is a perfect all-rounder. You could even say it is the best toner for combination skin and makes a wonderful toner for sensitive skin also.


Best toner for oily skin

A toner for acne prone skin may contain willow bark, an excellent natural anti microbial which can help to prevent bacteria buildup and breakouts. Witch hazel is another ingredient which may be used in a toner for oily skin as it helps to close the pores assisting at keeping impurities at bay. 


How often should you use face toners?

You should use a toner every time you cleanse your face, which is usually twice a day (morning and night). However, you may also like to keep a toner spray in your handbag for spritzing through the day. 




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