The benefits of activated charcoal

Date Posted:7 May 2017 

Activated charcoal has been widely used in medicine as a drug chelator in the event of an over dose, due to it’s ability to bind to toxins, rendering them unable to be absorbed and circulated throughout the blood stream. Instead, the chelated toxins, now bound up to the activated charcoal, are excreted naturally via the bowel.


Activated charcoal definition

‘Activated’ means the charcoal has been carbonized and treated in order to ensure its surface is porous, allowing it to literally absorb anything it comes into contact with. Aside from its use as a toxic compound chelator in medicine, activated charcoal can also be used internally for general detox and even to assist in flatulence. During an episode of excess wind, gas is produced in the digestive system, giving rise to uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms such as bloating and wind. Activated charcoal can help to absorb the excess gas, and as such, reduce the associated symptoms. If using activated charcoal internally, it is important to only use it symptomatically or short term. As activated charcoal is not selective in what it binds to, it may also bind to nutrients, and long-term use may result in nutrient deficiencies. However a small dose and infrequent use can be quite beneficial.


Activated charcoal in skin care products

It’s not all about our insides. The beautiful thing about having some activated charcoal in the house is how versatile it is. Being a wonderful detoxifier, activated charcoal works brilliantly as a facemask. Much like clay, activated charcoal sticks to dirt and grime lodged deep in your pores, and removes it gently and easily. Our multipurpose Zeb Health Coconut Charcoal Powder can be used as a teeth whitener as well as detox bath soak and heavy metal detoxification. Use it as a face mask by mixing 1 tsp with water to create a detoxifying face mask or mixing 1/4 cup of Zeb Health charcoal powder into a warm bath soak. This is particularly great for those with irritated skin.


Can activated charcoal help with teeth whitening?

Additionally, since activated charcoal works so well at removing dirt from your pores, you may have guessed that it can also draw out bacteria and plaque from your teeth. This is why many charcoal toothpaste brands state they have a whitening action. They do not bleach teeth (which can damage the enamel), rather they remove plaque, which can contribute to discoloration. Since charcoal is great for removal of bacteria, companies such as My Magic Mud have created their entire dental range with added benefit of charcoal - from charcoal mouth wash and charcoal toothpaste to charcoal tooth brush and charcoal tooth powders. Shop My Magic Mud.




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