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Nutra Organics Frequently Asked Questions

Date Posted:8 December 2019 

Is my product safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Many of Nutra Organics products are pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly! In fact they have created products specifically for families with this in mind and therefore must adhere to all of the requirements outlined under FSANZ and the Food Standards Code 2006. Therefore their products with added vitamins, minerals or amino acids are placed under a category of a FORMULATED SUPPLEMENTARY SPORTS FOOD. Foods placed in this category unfortunately are not recommended for consumption by persons under the age of 15, or pregnant and breastfeeding women. You can find all of our pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly products below:

  1. Nutra Organics Velvet Latte
  2. Nutra Organics Clean Greens
  3. Nutra Organics Acai Berry Blend
  4. Nutra Organics Lunar Latte With Reishi Mushroom
  5. Nutra Organics Certified Organic Thriving Vegan Protein Smooth Vanilla
  6. Nutra Organics Certified Organic Thriving Vegan Protein Cacao Chocolate


Your products contain barley grass. Doesn't barley grass contain gluten?

Nutra Organics use barley and wheat grass in a multitude of our products such as their Clean Greens and Super Greens & Reds for example. They ensure that their grasses are harvested at specifically 16 cm tall, before the grain head has a chance to grow (the gluten containing component of the plant) and prevents any risk of cross contamination. Futhermore, they test their products before they hit the shelves to make triple sure of this.


Where do your ingredients come from?

Wherever possible Nutra Organics strive to use Australian grown products. Unfortunately with fruit and vegetable products this is not always possible due to variations in the seasons ie. Mangoes only grow in Queensland during the summer months. There is also the fact that some fruits and vegetables simply aren’t grown in Australia such as our Brazilian supplied Acai powder. These factors aside, they however go to every effort to ensure that their suppliers are not only ethical but must adhere to Nutra Organics strict certified organic regulations. All their products are proudly made with organic ingredients.


Do your products contain any heavy metals? Are they tested?

All raw ingredients made in Australia or imported must adhere to strict guidelines for the content of heavy metals set by each states food authority. This means that all raw ingredients are tested and that no ingredients that do not meet the strict parameters are used in production. This is an Australia wide requirement and food law that Nutra Organics will always abide by to ensure our products are not only the highest quality nutritionally but also the safest.


Can your products fix or cure an ailment?

Nutra Organics is a health food company that creates products solely for the purpose of nourishing our bodies with organic, high quality health foods. Therefore they do not promote any of their products to have any therapeutic effect or benefit. For further information regarding this or any concerns you may have regarding their products and a specific health condition we recommend consulting your primary physician.


Is your packaging recyclable?

All of Nutra Organics black tubs are 100% BPA free and recyclable. They use these for products such as our Protein Powders for example. However, their pouch packaging that are used for Superfood Lattes, for example, are not recyclable and need to be disposed of in a responsible manner in general waste. As a brand, they are working hard to source materials for all of their packaging substrates to be compostable or recyclable.


Who manufactures your products?

Nutra Organics blended products are all manufactured in Australian facilities. They also employ equal opportunity employee's through the endeavour foundation and synergy group to package their whole food pantry range. They do this to ensure they are doing their part to give back to the community and that all Australians have equal opportunities in the workplace.


Where are your products made?

When Nutra Organics started, they relied heavily upon their fellow small businesses to help them grow. They believe in returning the favour by supporting them and ensuring that all of the products are manufactured within a 100 km radius of our headquarters in Murwillumbah, NSW. Of course this isn’t always possible when it comes to packaging our goods but they will not leave Australian shores and only go so far as another state when absolutely necessary.


Are your products nut free?

Nutra Organics don't add nuts to any of their bars or nutritional powders. Some of the products are produced in a facility that also processes nuts and is therefore labelled the appropriate allergy warning statement.


Are your products vegan?

All Nutra Organics products sold by Sassy Organics are vegan. Sassy Organics does not stock Nutra Organics collagen powders from their collagen beauty range as they contain animal ingredients and therefore are not vegan. However, we stock alternative vegan collagen boosters, derived from food sources, with added probiotics for your gut health.


Why does the seal come off when you open the lid for the first time?

The seals are heat sensitive which means as the lid is screwed down it is sealed at the same time. Sometimes the seal can lift when the jar is first opened as the seal and the lid can become one when finalising the product, rest assured it has been properly sealed.


Are Nutra Organics products ok for children to take? What ages?

Yes, Nutra Organics products are safe for children to take, however they do recommend that children take smaller amounts than the suggested amounts for adults. Please follow the guidelines set on the package. If your child is above 12 months old we suggest that you half the dose - or take half a teaspoon - whichever is smaller. Also we always advise that for a child above 12 months you seek advice from your health care practitioner as every child has different sensitivities, food tastes and nutritional requirements.


What is refractance drying?

The refractance method is where the produce is pulped then laid onto large pads. Gently moving underneath the pulped produce is water at around 80 degrees, which gently evaporates the water out of the produce - leaving a dried product. The nutrient levels retained are around 65% - 80% which means temperature sensitive vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are concentrated and retained in the finished powder. This huge retention and concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as anthocyanins and polyphenols is what gives the finished product its naturally intensified flavour and vibrant colours. Another benefit of having fruit or vegetable dehydrated by the refractance method is that the chance of spoiling are very slim as the moisture needed for bacteria proliferation is completely evaporated, therefore fruits and vegetables in this form will maintain their freshness and are shelf stable to last up to months in the pantry!


Are your products safe for me? I am coeliac and have allergies.

Good news coeliac and gluten intolerant friends, 99.999% of Nutra Organics products are gluten free with the one exception of our BREWERS YEAST in the wholefood pantry range. Nutra Organics are able to guarantee glute free in the rest of our range as they test every product before it hits the shelf just to make triple sure.